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Chronus provides all the resources necessary to launch your programs effectively on the platform and support your end users in optimizing their mentorship experience. The following resources come with your instance of the platform. You have the ability to edit some of these resources or delete them if not relevant to your program. You can also upload your own resources as needed.

Program Admin Resources

1. Admin Toolkit: Steps to successfully launching your mentoring program with an overview of the capabilities available from enrollment through matching and sustaining connections. Link

2. Admin Essentials: Overview of basic admin functions: Inbox | Announcements | Digest Emails | Managing User States | User Views & Custom Reports | Managing & Viewing Connections. Link

3. Launch-Ready Checklist: To ensure all settings and program action items are complete and ready for launch. Link

4. Mentoring Orientation and Training Template: A downloadable program kick-off pptx template, to orient participants on the benefits, expectations, structure and timeline of your program. Link

5. Launch Guide: How to build momentum during Enrollment, Matching and the First 60 Days: Tips to ensure your launch is successful and that enrollment, matching and the beginning of the mentorship connections are a smooth experience for your users. Link

End User Resources

Platform Videos

  1. How to Complete Your Profile
  2. How to Find and Request a Match
  3. Connection Plan Overview
  4. How to Use the Connection Plan
  5. How to Find and Use Help Resources
  6. How to Update Your Settings and Notifications

Mentorship Guides

  1. Mentee Handbook
  2. Mentor Handbook
  3. Conversation Starters
  4. Mentoring Partnership Agreement (downloadable resource)
  5. Guide to Timely and Efficient Goal Setting
  6. Mentoring Tips
  7. Self-Assessment Worksheet

Platform Guides

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Mentor FAQs
  3. How to Get Matched
  4. How to Use Your Connection Plan


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