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Setting Up & Running User Beta Testing
Setting Up & Running User Beta Testing
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The goal of user beta testing is to confirm your program's readiness to launch on the platform. Beta testing is an opportunity for real users to test system behavior, uncover any workflow confusion, and review your program content; generally, to discover any issues or adjustments that may need to be resolved prior to launch. Testing is the final action to confirm your program has been configured and is being experienced as you intended, prior to your formal launch with a wider audience.

Why It Matters: User testing is a recommended best practice before launching your program. It enables admins to catch and resolve any issues that might otherwise cause frustration, slow down progress or present roadblocks to your users when experiencing the platform for the first time. Testers understand the importance of their role in ensuring the platform is ready for launch and thus, are eager to help catch issues and provide feedback.

Beta Testing Resources

The following downloadable Word documents are provided for your use based on your program type. These resources align to the instructions in the article below for setting up your test and gathering feedback.

Admin Resources

User Resources

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Setting Up Your Beta Test

STEP 1: Set Testing Dates

We recommend allotting two weeks for beta testing so that your users experience the platform in intervals throughout the work week, similar to the actual program participant experience. It also gives your testers time to test the functionality in order to provide thoughtful, useful feedback. Remember to give yourself enough lead time for recruitment prior to your testing start date, and a week or so after testing to make any changes prior to launch.

STEP 2: Recruit Testers

Recruitment email drafts are provided in the Beta Testing Resources / Admin Resources section to download and modify as needed.

STEP 3: Step Up User Test

Identify 6-12 testers and provide accounts for them on the platform; split them by role into two groups: 50% mentees, 50% mentors. If you are employing more than one enrollment approach, split the group by enrollment approach.

STEP 4: Prep Test User Instructions

Prepare your test user instructions. Download the applicable template provided in the Beta Testing Resources / User Resources section depending on your program type.

STEP 5: Prepare User Feedback Form:

Prepare a feedback form or platform survey to gather feedback.

Reviewing Beta Test Feedback

Be sure to schedule a beta test feedback meeting with your Chronus Implementation Manager if not already scheduled. In this meeting you'll discuss the feedback received, any adjustments you have determined will need to be made to the program, and then make the edits and corrections as needed.

Suggested points to cover in your review meeting:

  • How did it feel it went for you as the admin? What was your impression from the participants overall?

  • (Admin Match) How was the experience of matching participants yourself? Did the algorithm match participants as you expected?

  • Discuss the specific critical feedback from the test users; reviewing each point, the thought or action you took as a result.

Clearing Beta Test Data

Removal by Program Admin

  • Delete test announcements by navigating to: Manage > Engagement > Announcements

  • Remove your test users* from All Users tool if they are not going to participate in your program: Manage > Program Configuration > User Views

*If your test users will also be participants in your program, you need only to close any connections or test circles that may have been created as part of the testing process. You can locate these by navigating to:

  • Home > Ongoing Connections (or Circles) OR

  • Manage > Matching > Mentoring Connections (or Circles)

Removal by Chronus CS

The following are the list of items that will need to be cleared by your Customer Success contact.

  • Resource Stats

  • Article Stats

  • Program Invitation Email Stats

  • Mentorship Connections


What is the impact of removing test users?

Removing test users will remove the corresponding mentor requests, meeting requests, survey responses, and other user associated objects.

Should test user membership be retained?

A member should be retained if the membership request must be retained, or if they will continue on as a participant in the program. If they're starting anew as a participant when the program launches, their connection with any other test users must be completed and ideally, deleted so that it doesn't impact program reporting.

Can tester messages be deleted?

We currently do not have the ability to delete user messages. If this is an issue, please let your Implementation Manager know.

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