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Microlearning: Preparing To Launch
Microlearning: Preparing To Launch
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Note: You will need a password from your CSM to access this training.

Why it matters: Once your program is configured to meet your objectives, its time to review, test and prepare for a successful launch. You cannot have a program without participants, and the right participants who are adequately prepared to meet program objectives. Promote your program and recruit participants through clear and engaging communications, and plan your launch activities to set participants up for success!

Session Outcome: After this session you will have all the information you need to be launch-ready. You will have the inspiration, tools and templates needed to effectively promote your program, recruit participants and launch successfully!

In This Session:

  1. Platform Launch-Ready Checklist

  2. Setting Up & Running User Beta Testing

  3. Understanding & Preparing Participant Communications

  4. Promoting Your Program

  5. Assessing & Recruiting Mentors

  6. Launch Day Prep

  7. Tips and Tools Links

Session time estimate: 45 minutes.

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