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Mentoring Program Orientation & Training: Admin PPTX Template
Mentoring Program Orientation & Training: Admin PPTX Template
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This downloadable template can be customized and used by Program Admins to kick-off their mentoring programs. It includes research-backed data and best practices to fully orient and train your participants on the benefits of mentoring, the expectations of their role, as well as the structure and timeline of your program.

Click to download this editable presentation deck: Mentoring Program Orientation & Training.pptx

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  • Why Mentoring?

    • 70-20-10 Learning Model

    • Benefits of mentoring for mentees, mentors and the organization

    • Career-related mentoring outcomes

  • Effective Mentoring

    • What a mentoring relationship is

    • Attributes of effective partnerships

    • Responsibilities and best practices for both the mentor and mentee roles

  • Program Framework

    • Program Structure - customize to your program specifics such as:

      • Objectives

      • Matching criteria

      • Areas of learning (mentees) / Areas of expertise (mentors)

      • Timeline/program duration

      • Expected time investment for participants

    • Program Timeline

    • The Value of Chronus

  • Platform Demo

We suggest that following the program orientation, you provide an end-user demo of the platform. This is a great time to get them started on either completing their profiles or viewing mentor matches while their focus and enthusiasm are harnessed. A demo will also reinforce the design and objectives of your program objectives and how they can be best supported through platform engagement.

Contact your CSM if you would like some assistance and best practices in planning your presentation and demo. We will be happy to provide consultation to be sure your program is successfully launched and off to a great start!

Proven Best Practice

Program kick-off webinars have proven to enable and empower users to adopt platform use and to get started more quickly on their mentorships.

If your program has a fixed launch date or official ongoing enrollment dates, it's a good idea to gather your users for an orientation and training webinar. A scheduled webinar provides dedicated, focused time for users to understand the program structure, their responsibilities and best practices. It also allows time for questions they might not ask otherwise.

Whether or not a scheduled webinar works for your program, this template can also be provided to users in Resources.

Messaging your users

You can message your users from the Users page once you've uploaded your resource via this navigation:

Step 1: From Home, click on 'Active Users'

Step 2: Check the box at the top left next to Actions to include all users on the page; a prompt will appear at the top of the Users table if you have multiple pages of users. It will give you the option to 'Select all users in this view' to include all active users in your program.

Step 3: Click on the 'Actions' button on the upper left of the table and select 'Send Message'.

Step 4: Add your title, message and a link to the resource within the email for access within the platform. You can also drag and drop a pdf of your final deck to the email.

Creating an announcement

To create an announcement that will appear on the user dashboard the next time they log in, with the option to also email the announcement, see the following article:

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