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Adding & Editing Resources
Adding & Editing Resources
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The Resources area on the platform is a content repository for both admins and end users and is available on the left navigation menu under Resources & Help. The Chronus platform comes with many helpful resources and you can also upload your own, delete and edit resources as needed. In this article, we'll go over the various features of the Help Resources editor.

Why it matters: Resources are an asset to both you and your users, providing just in time information on using the platform, mentoring best practices, and any other content that is pertinent to your program or organization. Uploading your own program-specific resources will help guide partnerships through mentee development.

The Resources feature enables you to:

  • Create new resources

  • Edit or delete existing resources

  • Embed links within text

  • Provide links to external sites or downloadable assets within your resources

  • Embed media

There are two ways to navigate to Resources:

  • Resources & Help > Resources

  • Manage > Engagement > Resources

On the Resources page, you can:

  • Click on the title of a resource to open and view it.

  • Click on the 'View Details' button to select to open or edit the resource.

  • Click on the 'Actions' button to 'Add new resource' or 'Re-order resources', which allows you to drag resources into a particular order for the end user view.

  • Select the role or user segment the resource is visible to.

  • Select to pin in to the dashboard.

Embedding Links Within Text

Embed a link in word or title so that it is clickable and takes the user to the link's destination:

  • Highlight the word with your cursor and click on the link icon.

  • In the link window, add your URL in the field provided

Once you've attached your file and completed your text, click the 'Publish' button on the lower right.

To unlink, highlight the text with the embedded link and a small panel will appear with 3 icons. Click on the Link icon with a line through it to unlink the the text. Click the 'Publish' button to save.

Uploading An Attachment

To upload a downloadable attachment to a help resource, click on the paperclip icon on the text editor toolbar then drag and drop a file from your desktop into the space indicated, or click into the space to select from a list of files available on your computer.

The clickable/downloadable file link will then appear within your resource text box. A pdf will open for the user in another tab first, while any other file type such as a docx or pptx. will immediately download upon clicking.

Once you've attached your file and completed your text, click the 'Publish' button on the lower right.

Inserting Images

To insert an image, put your cursor where you want the image to appear. Click on the image icon in the toolbar. when the panel opens, click on the image upload icon, then drag and drop your image in the space indicated, or click into the space to select from the list of available images on your computer.

Once your image is uploaded, you can drag the corners of the frame to resize it as needed.

Embedding Media

To embed a video or other media into your help resource, put your cursor where you want the media to appear, then click on the film icon in the toolbar. When the panel opens, you can click a link to add a link to your media, or click on the icon to to enter your embed code.

Embedded media will appear within your resource:

Creating User Views for Resources

It is common to have help resource visible to all mentees, all mentors or both, but you can also have resources visible to a specific set of users that meet criteria you specify in a user view.

For example, for mentees that have signed up for the program, but have not connected with a mentor, a user view can be created so that a resource about how to request a mentor is pinned to the dashboard and shown to that specific set of users

For more information on creating user views:

Note: As a reminder for instances with multiple program tracks, any resource created or available at the global level that is being shared with a specific program track will not be editable by that program administrator. The program admin can, however, add existing resources from the global level to their own program, and can specify which resources will appear in the left navigation menu to end users.


Can Resources posted for the mentorship program be unique to that program, or will it be available for all programs?

If a resource is available at the global level, it will be available as a global resource and can be accessed by all program tracks. Resources unique to a program will be added at the program level.

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