Fact Sheet Templates for Recruiting Participants

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Spark interest and encourage enrollment to your program by clearly communicating what the program is all about and what the outcomes will be for participants. These downloadable templates include:

  • Program objectives & duration
  • Benefits for participants
  • Responsibilities
  • Timeline

Click here for the downloadable Mentee Fact Sheet

Click here for the downloadable Mentor Fact Sheet

These Word docx fact sheets can be customized with your logo and your specific program information, and can also be used to inform broader stakeholders such as supervisors or other supporters of mentees and mentors of program benefits and expectations.

Why it matters: Knowing the program objectives and benefits, e.g., "What's in it for me?", will inspire potential partipants to join. Information about program parameters and time investment will help them gauge whether the program is right for them at this time. Ultimately, those that do participate have joined with a full understanding of the commitment and are motived to stay the course.

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