Launch-Ready Checklist

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As you prepare to launch your program, take a moment to review this checklist to ensure that you’ve completed all the areas that you need for your launch. Reach out to your IM or CSM if you have questions.

Please note: Not all elements may be applied to your program based on needs outlined during implementation.

Downloadable version of the list below: Launch Ready Checklist

1. Settings and Branding

  • Program Settings are aligned with overall intentions and goals of the program.
  • Logos and Banner (if using) have been uploaded.
  • Overview Page and sub-tabs are reviewed, customized, and ready to go.
  • Color for the site is adequate for your needs.

2. Profiles and Matching

  • Profile fields are fully customized, including advanced settings.
  • Membership form (if using) is customized.
  • Matching algorithm has been reviewed and set.
  • Enrollment workflows are clear and work as expected.
  • Matching workflows are clear and work as expected.

3. Mentoring Area, Surveys, and Resources

  • Connection Plan is customized: Tasks and Messages are set, Surveys are embedded, and Resources are properly attached.
  • Surveys are customized and embedded where needed.
  • User Help Resources are reviewed, customized, and embedded as required.

4. Communication, Management, and Reporting

  • Understand all the communication functions in Chronus and when to use them.
  • Communications needed for launch are customized and ready (System Emails, Announcements, etc.).
  • Know how to manage day-to-day administrative tasks throughout onboarding and beyond.
  • Understand where to find various reporting measures (User Views, Connections, and Reports).
  • Know what to look for as ‘red flags’ on the dashboard reports.
  • All Admins who will be managing the program have completed Chronus training and are well-versed in the final workflows.

5. Recruitment, Training, and Launch

  • Training plan for getting users up to speed is set.
  • Recruitment communications are either in motion or ready to be deployed.
  • Dates are set for enrollment and matching.
  • Any other key dates have been set to facilitate the launch of the program (Orientations, etc.).
  • Optional add-on: Single Sign On (SSO)is configured and ready to use. Do you want LinkedIn and/or Google Authentication? (Ask your implementation IM or CSM)
  • Optional add-on: Data Import/Feed is completed.

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