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Program Overview pages are the public-facing pages of your program(s). For multi-track programs, the global level has its own set of overview pages while each track also has its own set of overview pages.



Program Overview pages are pages that can be seen by anyone accessing your instance, regardless of whether or not they are participants. These are spaces for you to advertise what your program(s) are about and give more details about them, such as basic criteria to join, requirements for being a mentor or mentee, and more.

For multi-track programs, it's a best practice to have a small card linking to each program to help potential participants locate the program that best suits them. Check out the image above for a small sampling of what this could look like.


Navigating Program Overview Pages

By default, most programs will come with at least one overview page when it's created. Some programs may have more than one overview page; if you want to navigate to a different overview page, note that anything with the page icon () can be clicked to view the contents of that page.


For multi-track programs, you'll notice that there is an additional page at the end of each listing of overview pages with the title of the global level, such as what is circled in the image above. Clicking this link will take the user to the Programs Listing page, which shows all programs the page currently available in your instance of the software.


This is where the Description, which is defined under the General tab of Program Settings, is found.

If you do not want a program to appear on this page, let a Customer Success team member know so that they can remove it for you.

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Editing Program Overview Pages

By default, Chronus provides a template for each program to work from, including a layout, links, color scheme, and images to help make your landing pages "pop" when users visit them. Naturally, we want you to make updates to these pages to better reflect the purpose and intention of your program.

To that end, we encourage you to make changes to the pages that will better inform your constituency of the following:

  • The purpose of the program
  • What they can gain by participating
  • Who can participate
  • Requirements for joining

The template content we provided you gives a brief outline of what this can look like, but if you'd like additional assistance, we highly recommend getting in touch with a Customer Success team member to discuss your program and determine what information would best be suited for these types of pages.


To edit a program overview page:

  1. Go to the Manage page of the program (or global level) where you wish to make changes to the Overview page, then click Program Configuration, then click Program Overview:

  2. Click the Edit button () on the right side of the page to enter the editor.
  3. Begin typing away! Make changes as you see fit to the content, and keep in mind that you can undo changes you made either by pressing Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac, should you make a mistake. If you want to cancel your changes entirely, simply click the Cancel button at the bottom right of the screen.

  4. Once you've made your updates and are ready to make them public, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Update button to commit your changes. You'll be taken to the updated page in the Program Overview tool immediately afterwards.


Changing the Background Image (AKA Hero Image)

One of the most frequent requests received is to change the background image Chronus provides by default for these pages.

Follow the steps below to change out this image.

  1. Ensure the image you want to use has the dimensions of 450 x 980 pixel, has a file format of either .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG, and is under 2 MB in file size. If the image does not fit those dimensions, you can resize the image using most default operating system image editors, such as Paint.
         Note that if the image does not fit these dimensions, the image will auto-shift its center, meaning you won't be able to control what in the image ends up being focused on.

  2. In the Program Overview editor, click the Image icon () in the toolbar. This will open the following screen:

  3. Click the Upload tab near the top; doing so will bring up the following:

  4. Click Choose File, then locate the file in your computer. Select the file, then click Open.
    You should see the file name to the right of the Choose File button:

  5. If you see your file name there, click the Send it to the Server button and wait a few moments. You'll be redirected shortly to the first tab, which will now have a URL to the image you just uploaded:

  6. Select the entire URL of the image and copy it (you can double-click inside the text box to do this, which will give the text a blue background to indicate it has been selected; after, right-click inside the text box and choose Copy to copy the text). After copying the URL, click the Cancel button (not the OK button) to close the dialog box.

  7. Click the Source button () to open the source code for the page. Don't be intimidated here! We're just going to make a small change near the bottom of this code page, so scroll all the way down until you see something similar to the following (note that the highlighted text will be white when you see it; highlighting it is the next step):

  8. Highlight the URL as shown in the image above (be sure that you're not highlighting the quotation marks, too), then Paste the URL you copied earlier. This will replace the URL you just highlighted with the image you just uploaded into Chronus.
    Click the Source button one more time to revert back to the visual editor.

  9. Congratulations! Your new image should now be shown in the background!

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Creating New Program Overview Pages

Some programs may wish to create additional overview pages to provide additional context for their programs or participants, such as providing expectations and/or criteria to be met by individuals seeking specific roles.


To create a new overview page:

  1. Go to the Manage page of the program (or global level) where you wish to make changes to the Overview page, then click Program Overview:

  2. Click the Add a new page button (mceclip16.png) on the upper right side of the page.

  3. Make all the changes you like! Note that creating a new page like this will start you off with a blank slate—there are no templates to choose from to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Chronus customize these pages for me?

Most custom program overview page designs will require an additional fee. Please reach out to your account manager or account executive for further information.


What about making small changes?

Some small changes may be possible, such as changing a font color or background image. Alterations beyond these smaller asks would fall under the designation of custom work, as defined in the question above.

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