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Global vs. Program Administrator Permissions
Global vs. Program Administrator Permissions
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This article provides a brief overview differentiating the roles of Global and Program Administrator followed by the list of features each role can enable and manage, include Global Admin-only and top Chronus-only feature permissions.

If you are a Program Administrator on an instance of the platform that has only one program track, you will by default have full global administrator permissions as well.

Administrator Roles Overview

Global Administrator Role

  • Oversees the program track level administrators.

  • Acts as the primary point of contact with Chronus.

  • Coordinates the creation of new programs; however, new programs must be added to the instance by your Chronus representative.

  • Establishes global resource material and best practices.

  • Acts as the liaison between program track level administrators and Chronus.

  • Has access to all programs and their settings within their Chronus instance.

Program Administrator Role

  • Designs program / enables program-level settings for their program(s). Their access limited to the program(s) to which they've been assigned as administrator.

  • Access all user and connection data within their assigned programs.

  • Add or assign additional program administrators; create user segments and assign/manage user segment program moderators.

  • Access to all program communication channels; create / edit / manage all communication features for all program participants.

  • Establishes program track level resource material, connection plans, surveys, community features, and best practices.The following elements and features can be selected and enabled by Global Admins only. On platform instances with onlyone program, Program Admins are also Global Admins by default.

Global Admin-Only Permissions

1) Program Configuration Tile

  • Program Settings:

    • Instance name

    • Global-level branding: Logo, email and program overview banners; however, these can be changed at the program level by Program Administrators. If they are not, the global-level branding will be the default at the program level.

    • Terms & Conditions: Add organization terms and conditions.

    • Privacy Notice: Add organization privacy policy.

    • Programs listing page visible to: Options: All users / Only logged-in users / None; however, Program Admins can decide if their own program is shown on the global program listings page: Yes/No

    • Select calendars users can connect to: Options: Google / MS Outlook / iCloud

    • Allow users to create meetings on which days of the week: Options: S M T W T F S

    • Select working hours

    • Select default timezone

    • Allow mentors to set unavailable status: However, Program Admins can allow users to increase or decrease their number of partners at the program level.

    • Features: Enable Events

    • Security: Enable program lockout (auto log out after a designated period of time)

    • Events: Enable this feature for program-level use.

  • Member Views: View members across all programs.

  • Program Overview: Create and edit global-level overview pages.

  • SFTP Feed: If your instance has integrated an SFTP/user data feed, only the Global Admin can view, manage and report upon this data.

2) Enrollment Tile

  • Customize Profile: Only Global Admins can create new fields. Program Admins can add fields to their program’s profile form that have been created at the global level but cannot create brand new fields. Once added at the program level, Program Admins cannot edit the field itself, but can adjust the advanced permissions related to role assignment, visibility, mandatory or not, etc.

  • Administrators: Add or remove both Global and Program Admins; However, Program Admins can add and remove administrators from their own programs.

3) Engagement Tile

  • Integrations: Enable various integrations for system-wide access. However, Program Admins can then enable for their own programs.

  • Surveys: Create and distribute surveys meant for all members on the instance. Surveys created at the global level can also be added to programs by Program Admins. Program Admins can also create their own program-specific surveys.

  • Resources: Add resources at the global level.

4) Reporting Tile

  • Global Connections: Able to view connections in all programs.

5) Global Dashboard

  • Active members: All registered users within all programs

  • Ongoing Engagements: All mentoring engagements, ongoing and closed, across all programs

  • Connected Members: All currently connected members across all programs

  • Programs: Data snapshot and access to all programs currently active on the global instance.

Program Administrator Permissions

Following is an outline highlighting Program Admin functions at the program level.

  • Program Overview: Create and edit program-level overview pages

  • Program Dashboard: View, access program data, set alerts, download data

  • User Profile: Add profile fields that have been created at the global level; only the visibility and role settings for the fields can be edited by the Program Administrator. Not the field itself.

  • Program Settings: All programs settings options for their users available at the program level:

    • General

    • Membership

    • Matching

    • Connections

    • Features

      • Profile progress completion bar

      • Two-way calendar sync (if integrated)

      • Community Access: Enable Articles, Q&A, User Content Flagging

  • Permissions:

    • Meeting modes (with and without integration)

    • User privacy (visibility of other users by role)

    • Enable user flagging

    • Enable users to contact others outside their connection

  • Create or customize the following:

    • Connection Plans: Create and edit connection plans, connection plan surveys and emails.

    • System Emails

    • Email Campaigns

    • User Reports

    • Announcements

    • Program Surveys

    • Events: Create events only if this feature is enabled at the global level.

Top Chronus-Only Permissions

The following popular settings and features must be enabled by your Chronus representative:

  • Chronus mobile app promotion: Turn off or on the mobile app footer on system emails.

  • Terminology: Apply changes for each program (mentor, mentorship, etc.).

  • Matching Algorithm: Set up ‘Match Configs’ for each program.

  • Language Support: Enable this tool for the instance.

  • Add Program: New programs can be added by Chronus based on the number of program tracks licensed.

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