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Adding or Removing Administrators
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This article explains the two types of admins, the difference in permission levels between the two types, and how to add or remove admins.

There are 2 types of admins:

  • Global admins

  • Program (or track-level) admins

You'll have global admins only if at least two programs exist within your organization's instance. If you have a flat single-program structure, then you only have one type of administrator and you should follow the instructions for program admins.

Managing Global Admins

If you have multiple program tracks within your instance, you will have global admins who have access to admin functions at both the global/parent level as well as the program level. Global admins can only be added or removed at the global level: if you try to remove a global admin from a single program track, you'll receive an error.

Functions that Global Admins have access to:

  • Additions and modification of profile fields

  • Global emails

  • Management of dormant users

  • Management of global resources

  • Global Overview Page management

  • Changes that will instantly apply to all programs

How can you tell if you are a global admin?

Open your program drop-down menu and click on the global program name listed at the top, above the track names. When you go there, do you then see a Manage page in the left navigation bar? If yes, then you have global access.

How can I add or remove global admins?

Only global admins can add or remove other global admins. If you are a global admin, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Global level Manage page.

  2. Click Enrollment, then click the Administrators icon as shown below. If you do not see this icon, you may be operating at the track level.

    Admin icon
  3. Add New Administrators — Select "Add administrator" at the top right. It will open a drop-down menu. Select either "New administrator" or "Existing user as administrator." Enter the information requested and send it to notify the new admin. This action creates a user account, so there is no need for the admin to confirm or accept; if the admin loses the notification email, he or she can just go to your program url and reset their password to gain access.

  4. Remove Administrators — You can click "Remove admin" next to any admin's name to remove their global access. However, they will remain an admin in each individual program. You will also need to go to the track level of each program that you no longer want that admin to have access to, and remove them there, if you have programs you no longer wish them to access. Here are some actions you could take after removing global permissions:

    1. You can either deactivate or remove the user from specific tracks by going to each track's User Views tool.

    2. If the user has left the organization, you can remove the user's account globally from the Member Views tool. In case the admin is a mentor or coach as well, it's best to check their membership details from Member Views before removing them entirely.

    3. If you wish to remove their admin role completely but maintain a mentor account, you should go to the track in question, view their profile, and use the "Change roles" feature to remove only the admin role.

Managing Program Track-Level Admins

At the track level, admin management doesn't have a dedicated tool; instead admins are managed the same way as any user. You invite admins from the Invitations tool and you remove or deactivate them from the User Views tool.

How to add a program admin

You can add or invite - it doesn't really matter which method you choose. We'll just focus on how to invite for simplicity's sake.

  1. Select Manage.

  2. Click the Enrollment card.

  3. Go to the Invitations tool.

  4. Click "Send Invites" if you were dropped on the "Track Invitation Status" page instead.

  5. Select "Assign role(s) to users". 3 options will appear.

  6. Choose "Administrator."

  7. In the "Recipient emails" box below, enter the admin's email address. IF multiple emails, separate addresses with a comma. Double-check for typos.

  8. Click "Send Invites" at the very bottom of the page as shown in the image below.


The invitee will receive an email immediately (well, sometimes it can take a few minutes). You can check their status and resend the invite if needed, from the "Track invitation status" tab -- give it time to update, though. You can resend the invite under the "Actions" column, highlighted in the image below.


How to remove a program admin

You will find the admin in the User Views tool and either remove, deactivate, or change roles depending on your needs. To find the admin quickly, you can either filter by the admin's email address or filter by role to see all admins. Let's try the latter option.

  1. Open User Views

  2. Find the "Roles" column and click the filter icon.

  3. Click "Select" to open a drop-down menu. Select "Administrator" from that list, then be sure to click the top of the drop-down again to collapse the list of options.

  4. You should now see something similar to the image below. Click "Filter."

  5. Now it should be easy to spot the admin. Select the checkbox to the left of the admin's name.

  6. Select the "Actions" dropdown at the top of the page. Choose "remove" to completely erase the admin. Choose "deactivate" if they may participate again in future or if they had other roles and you wish to preserve that data.

  7. If this user is also a mentor, you may wish to just remove the admin role. In that case, you must click on the user's first or last name to view their profile. On the right, click "Change roles." Uncheck the admin role and save.


If you try to remove an admin from a track or program, and you see the error "Has not been removed," they are likely a global admin. You will need to remove their global admin access before removing them from individual tracks.

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