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Dynamic emails in Chronus are interactive emails that allow the user to perform connection-specific actions without leaving their email inbox.

Dynamic email functionality is currently only available for users with Gmail inboxes. Please take a look at the FAQ for more context and information about this limitation.

Why it matters: Dynamic email functionality enables users to do more in Chronus without requiring them to access the software each time they want to update a connection. Dynamic emails allow program participants to respond to connection and meeting feedback surveys directly from user’s inbox.

Check out an example of dynamic emails in action in the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is this feature only available in Gmail? Do you plan to make this available to other email clients in the future?

The limitation to Gmail stems from dynamic email functionality existing only in Gmail today. Other email clients, such as Outlook, Yahoo, etc., do not currently support dynamic email.

As providers build out similar functionality for their products over time, Chronus will also work to implement this feature for those email services that adopt it.

More general information on what dynamic emails are can be found in this article from Tom's Guide.

How do I enable this feature in Chronus?

Dynamic emails can only be enabled by a Chronus representative. Please reach out to your Customer Success team member first to discuss the feature and make sure that it will function as expected for your program's constituency.

Why won't the survey load in the email for participants?

If the survey isn't loading, dynamic email functionality may not be enabled for the user. Note that enterprises using G Suite may need to enable this from an administrative account.

Instructions on how to enable dynamic emails for individual users and for administrators of a G Suite account can be found in this Google Support article.

Note that by default, Gmail will have dynamic email functionality automatically enabled.

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