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Microlearning: The Connection Plan
Microlearning: The Connection Plan
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Click to access: The Connection Plan

Note: You will need a password from your CSM in order to access this training.

Why it matters: The Connection Plan is essentially the mentorship toolkit that helps to support partners throughout their mentorship journey. A customizable Connection Plan is provided to each partnership when they're matched. It provides a timeline of suggested tasks along with resources, surveys and emails to ensure the mentorship experience is successful and goals are achieved.

Session Outcome: After this session you'll understand the full value and end user experience of the connection plan. You'll be able to determine the appropriate level of structure to apply to your program's connection plan, as well as how to edit all aspects of your plan.

In This Session:

  1. Connection Plan - End User Experience

  2. Review of Connection Plan Components

  3. Deciding on Level of Structure for the Connection Plan

  4. Editing the Connection Plan

  5. Learn More - Links

Completion time estimate: 40 minutes

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