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Microlearning: Administrator Role & Platform Introduction
Microlearning: Administrator Role & Platform Introduction
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Note: You will need a password from your CSM to access this training.

Why it matters: Your dedication to advancing mentorship within your organization is inspiring and invaluable. As a Program admin, you will help to foster meaningful connections, facilitate growth and development, and ensure the success of both mentors and mentees in your program. This microlearning provides an overview of your role, an admin introduction to the Chronus platform, and the resources available to support and enable your success.

Session Outcome: After this session you will have a detailed understanding of your role as program administrator, as well as the ability to navigate to the basic admin functions on the platform.

In This Session:

  1. Support for Program Administrators

  2. The Role and Responsibilities of Administrators

  3. Basic Platform Navigation

  4. Knowledge Check!

Session completion estimate: 30 minutes

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