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Microlearning: All About Matching
Microlearning: All About Matching
Updated over a week ago

Click here to access: All About Matching

Note: You will need a password from your CSM to access this training.

Why it matters: The Chronus platform offers several matching configurations as well as the ability to customize your matching algorithm to meet the goals of your program and participants. In this lesson, we'll review the various options available to you to design the best workflow for your program and optimal connections among your participants. Circle-specific matching is not covered in this lesson.

Session Outcome: After this session you will have knowledge of the various matching approaches available as well as the admin and end user workflow for each approach.

In This Session:

  1. Matching Basics

  2. How to Match in Bulk

  3. Preferred Mentor Matching

  4. Ensuring Users Are Getting Matched

  5. Learn More Links

Session time estimate: 1 hour

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