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Microlearning: Profile Configuration & User Enrollment
Microlearning: Profile Configuration & User Enrollment
Updated over a week ago

Note: You will need a password from your CSM in order to access this training

Why it matters: The profile form is the core component of your mentoring program and is tied to several key areas: Membership (Enrollment), Matching and Reporting. In this lesson we'll review best practices for how to configure the profile form based on your program goals, and selecting the right user enrollment option for your program.

Session Outcome: After this session you will understand the various profile field settings available for selection and the ways that user profile fields can be applied for use in membership, matching and reporting.

In this session:

  1. Core components that rely on the profile form

  2. Video: Profile Overview and Best Practices (7:14 minutes)

  3. Profile Anatomy and Configuration

  4. User Enrollment Options

  5. Check Your Knowledge

Session time estimate: 1 hour

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