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Mentor/Mentee Check-in Feature: Enable Users to Track Mentoring Hours
Mentor/Mentee Check-in Feature: Enable Users to Track Mentoring Hours
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The Mentor/Mentee Check-in feature allows participants to check in on a specific task by logging how much time they spent completing the task and the date it was completed. This article covers both Admin and User functionality.

Admin Demo:

Admin Functionality

  • Enabling Check-ins: This feature can be turned on by an admin via following Navigation: Manage > Program Configuration > Program Settings > Mentoring Connection Settings: 'Allow members of a mentoring connection to check-in the time spent against their tasks.' Admins can check this feature of for either or both roles.

  • How it works: The Check-in feature allows users to record time spent working on tasks. Meeting time is calculated separately and automatically by the system if users are scheduling their meetings directly through the platform.

  • Admin Reporting: Admins can view reporting on user check-in data by navigating to: Reports > Health Reports > Post Matching Health Card > Check-in Report.

  • Viewing individual activity on profile: Admins can also view total mentoring hours on user profiles. Simply search by user name to view the Activity Overview at the top of the profile. This activity is a total of meetings and time recorded on tasks.


End User Experience

Step 1: Within their connection plans, users can click on the dropdown within a task and select 'Check-in':


Step 2: Once the user selects 'Check-in', the task will open providing slots to add time spent as well as comments:


Step 3: Users can view their time spent on the Check-in Time card on the right side of their connection plan page. Any meetings scheduled or logged will add to the "All Meetings" total automatically:

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