Tips for the Home Dashboard
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The Dashboard shows a quick glance of the progress and status of a specific program track at a high level. It's a helpful tool for addressing areas of a program that may deserve extra attention.

Please Note: Slightly different content and naming conventions may be used on the dashboard for your program, depending on the settings.

Overall Progress

The first section of the Dashboard shows the current status of your program track in terms of Active Useres, Ongoing Connections, and number of Connected Users.

Clicking on the "View data over time" button will route you to the Program Outcomes Report for a more detailed view into this data.

Enrollment & Matching

The enrollment section (left) and matching section (right) show the current status of program participants in the track as it pertains to users getting into the software and then getting into a connection.

The enrollment section will show how many users are currently not published, will notify you of any pending membership applications, and much more.

The matching section will show how many users are currently matched and provides additional reporting data that you may wish to act upon, such as mentees that have yet to send a mentoring request.

Both sections can have additional reports added to them by clicking the small gear icon in the upper right corner of each box. From there, you can create new reports based on user views.

Program Health & Activity

The program health section (left) and the activity section (right) shows how participants are responding in their surveys and how active currently ongoing connections are.

The program health section will populate a graph showing you the positive survey responses submitted by users in their connection surveys. These surveys and the responses deemed as "positive" can be modified using the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the box.

The activity section shows how active connections are based on the duration set under the Inactivity setting in Program Settings. Most programs have this set to one month, meaning a connection would be considered inactive if a participant has not accessed the connection within a month of the administrator viewing the report. The right side of this section breaks up activity into different actions for further insight.


The community section shows all currently active announcements, information on how often resources are viewed, and other community-based activity based on the features enabled in a track (e.g. forum posts, articles created, etc.).

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