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Your 30-day program milestone is a great time to find out how your participants are doing and whether or not additional admin support is needed to ensure they are successful. The following activities will help you pinpoint the data you need at this juncture to take your next steps.

Why it matters: The first 30 days of any program are crucial to the user platform and program experience as they impact their level of satisfaction and adoption. As an admin, the platform provides you with data and insights to understand the needs of your participants at this juncture and throughout their mentorship journey. The tools available to you will enable you to drive momentum and ensure your mentorships are successful.

Building Momentum

The following article provides an overview of some simple but effective steps you can take to ensure your users are:

  • Getting enrolled
  • Completing/publishing their profiles
  • Getting matched

Access article: How Build Momentum During Enrollment, Matching and the first 60 Days

Monitoring Activity

Mentoring Benchmarks

Mentoring Benchmarks provide a high-level view of your Enrollment, Matching and Engagement (MEI - Mentoring Engagement Index). This data provides a comparison of your program against similar customer programs along with links for the 'Next Best Action' that you can take to increase activity as needed. 

Navigation: Program Dashboard > Mentoring Benchmarks

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Read More: Mentoring Benchmarks (includes video demo)

Viewing Connection Activity

There are several ways to view the activity of your connections along with ways to drill down and problem-solve as needed. 

1. Home dashboard tile: How active are your mentoring connections?

This tile provides:

  • Aggregate data of connection activity broken down by activity type - messages, meetings, tasks and surveys.
  • How many connections have activity vs. those that don't have any activity at all.
  • Button to 'View Activity Report' which provides an on-screen and downloadable report showing each connection and their activity types.
    • Timeframes can be set for this report.
    • Columns are editable/customizable.
    • Connection view alerts can be set to keep you apprised of new activity or non-activity during expected intervals.

Navigation: Home > scroll down to 'How active are your mentoring connections?'

Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 3.48.03 pm.png

Read more: Create Connection Views: Monitor & Take Action for Higher Engagement

2. Connection Views: Customizing your engagement reporting

Easily monitor both partnership and circle activity on an ongoing basis and take targeted actions to ensure a high-level of engagement. Custom connection views can be created by applying filters and alerts such has whether or not tasks were completed by specific dates, and/or by other filters based on the user profile entry, a survey response, or whether a mandatory course has been completed. A custom connection view becomes a live dashboard report, enabling easy oversight and the ability to address partnership connections or roles that meet specific filters.

Learn more:

Ascertaining Participant Satisfaction

Hearing directly from your users is one of the best ways to monitor satisfaction and intervene as needed. The Chronus 'Surveys' feature provides everything you need to customize and automate the receipt of feedback throughout the program. At the 30-day juncture, Chronus provides two templates you may already be using or should consider utilizing to obtain user feedback.

Navigation: Manage > Engagement > Surveys

  • 30-Day Checkpoint Survey: Connection plan survey that addresses level of satisfaction and comfort with new partner, program and initial progress. 
  • Inactivity Survey: Brief survey to ascertain why a user has not been active on the platform for a selected interval of time. To activate this survey navigate to: Manage > Matching > Mentoring Connection Settings > scroll down to 'Inactivity Tracking'

Learn more:

Community Features

Now that you've launched, these platform features can provide value-add content and engagement across your program. Though users appreciate their primary connections, having access to others across the mentoring community for networking and sharing of resources and best practices is a bonus.

  • Articles: Allows participants to upload resources for the community.
  • Q & A: Allows participants to ask questions and provide answers.
  • Forums: Create forums for the entire community, or based on roles or subject matter. Users can participate in and follow threads that interest them.
  • Events: Invite or create exclusive events for your participants to access through the platform.

Learn more:


The 'Announcements' feature allows you to further engage your participants by providing timely information on their dashboards and via email. Announcements can include embedded video or links. Consider creating announcements to:

  • Post a warm video welcome
  • Congratulate new connections and provide next steps
  • Provide mentee and mentor tips
  • Embed mentee and mentor testimonial videos

Navigation: Manage > Engagement > Announcements

Read more: Creating Announcements

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