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Discovering and troubleshooting end to end workflows is an important part of your work as an administrator. During the implementation phase of your program adding test users is one of the first things you may want to do. 

How to add a Test User

To add a test user, make sure you are logged in to your site as an admin. Navigate to the Manage page, click the Enrollment card to find the Add Users tool. In general, you can use the Add Users tool any time you want to directly add someone to the system without inviting them first. 



Once you select Add Users, you will have the option to Add Users Manually and can input an email address. You do NOT want to put in an alias of your current admin email address, as this may cause technical issues. We strongly recommend that you utilize two or four email addresses you have access to when creating your first test user accounts, so that you can receive and review the emails that are sent to each role type.

Next, select the role of the user you are adding; Admin, Mentor, or Mentee.

Note: The actual language that you see will be reflected by what changes you have made, if any, to the Terminology section in Program settings. If, for example, you had previously changes "Mentee" to "Student" you will see "Student" instead of "Mentee" on this page.


Click the "Next" button and choose a first and last name for your test user. As a best practice tip, we suggest someone famous so that it's easy to pick out the test user later on and not get them confused with live end users. 

In addition to selecting an email address, role, and name, if there any mandatory profile questions, you will need to select answers. We suggest not spending a lot of time here. For the purpose of test users, you don't need fleshed out profile information. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*). 

When you have completed all required fields scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you are done with adding your test users, select "Publish and finish". If you still have additional test users to add, select "Publish and add another". 



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