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Admins can enable mentors to mentee attendance to meetings. Tracking meeting attendance by mentors rolls up into reporting for admin visibility, giving you insight into attendance rates so you can intervene as necessary to encourage and improve meeting attendance.

Why it matters: Before this update, it was not possible to know if users actually attended meetings, and admins had to rely on RSVP responses and surveys to get an idea of the attendance rate. Now, with minimal manual work by mentors, you can see who attends meetings.

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Before you Enable

Before you enable this feature there are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • Not Necessary for Meetings Using Virtual Meet

If users in your program meet using Virtual Meet then attendance is tracked automatically.  Admins can still enable attendance tracking for meetings held in person or in other meeting modes, but any meeting that occurs via Virtual Meet will automatically include attendees in the Mentoring Calendar Report.

  • Recurring Meetings

Mentors record attendance for each meeting, including recurring meetings. There is no way to record attendance for all meetings in a recurring meeting set.


Enable Attendance Tracking

Step 1: Enable this feature from the Connection Settings tab of the Program Settings.

Navigation: Manage > Matching > Mentoring Connection Settings: Ongoing Mentoring Settings section

Mentors can track attendance for both ongoing one-to-one and group partnerships.



Tracking as a Mentor

Once enabled, mentors will see a “Mark Attendance” button for past meetings.


Let your mentors know!
We recommend sending mentors an email or creating an in-app announcement notifying them that they can now track meeting attendance. Click here to see suggested language you can use.

To mark attendance mentors will click the button, opening a popup. In this popup the mentor can select the users (including other mentors and themselves) that attended the meeting.



Attendance Reporting

Admins can see attendance in the Mentoring Calendar Report by including columns that display attendance: “Meeting Attendees Count”, “Meeting Attendees List” and “Meeting Duration (Attended)”.

These fields are also included in the export.


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