Mentoring Panel Event Toolkit


Many successful clients have utilized a mentoring panel event as a way to introduce and recruit more participants for their program and create excitement around launch or relaunch. With this panel toolkit, you’ll also learn how mentoring can help your organization improve employee engagement, development, and retention.

Click here to download the toolkit to help program administrators and managers successfully plan, organize and run a mentoring panel event. Get started with planning your event today!



About the Toolkit:

The toolkit provides a timeline of action items that will help guide you through the planning phases of conducting a mentoring panel. We also provide email templates you can use to communicate effectively to stakeholders, panelists, and attendees, as well as other marketing resources and best practices to guide you in hosting a successful panel event to promote your mentoring program. 

 Below is an outline of what our Toolkit provides:


What You’ll Learn
Decide whether an event is ideal for promoting your program Is a Mentoring Panel Event Right for You? Questionnaire
Plan the steps and timing for your preparation Creating a Timeline for Your Event Worksheet
Finding and reserving the right space for your event Finding the Right Space for Your Event Questionnaire
Identifying people to be on your panel during the event Who Should Be a Panelist? Article
Learn how to set goals & measure success Tips for Measuring Mentoring Program Success Article
Templates for how to contact your ideal panelists How to Recruit Panelists Email Templates
Templates and customizable content for marketing your event Marketing Your Event Content Bundle
Timeline and guide to putting on your event smoothly Day of Event Guide

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    Thank you for the heads-up, Ana! Our apologies for the late reply!!! The article has been updated with a link to the downloadable toolkit!


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