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Mentoring Insights Feature
Mentoring Insights Feature
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Mentoring Insights enables administrators to publish helpful snippets of advice or encouragement at the top of the member’s home page. Mentoring Insights are used to deliver best practice advice throughout the mentoring process. Each time a member logs into the program, a different mentoring tip will be shown at the top of their home page.

A basic library is provided by Chronus to get you started and can be expanded or modified at any time to suit your program needs.

Navigation: Manage > Matching > Mentoring Insights icon

If you do not see the 'Mentoring Insights' icon, reach out to the Customer Support team and ask them to enable it for your track.

Filters - The “Mentoring Insights for Mentors” are shown as a default. To view the “Mentoring Insights for Mentees”, select “Show Insights For Mentees”.

Enable/Disable Mentoring Insights - Check the “Mentoring Tip” box to enable a tip, uncheck it to disable. Use “Enable All” to turn on all the tips or “Disable All” to hide them.

Edit Mentoring Insight - To edit a Mentoring Insight, click “Edit” for the corresponding tip, update or edit content then “Save”.

Remove Mentoring Insight - To remove a Mentoring Insight, click “Remove”.

Add New Insight - Click “Add New Insight”, enter the Mentoring Insight and click “Save”.

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