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The Add Users tool provides options for adding and inviting users to your platform instance at either the Global Level or the Program Track Level. The simple bulk upload process automatically creates user profiles and provides the option to add them as dormant for potential future involvement (not counting against licenses), or as active members in selected programs, automatically inviting them to a program upon upload. Regardless of the level at which you are adding users, you will need to include at a minimum, the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Why it matters: The 'Add Users' tool saves you time in uploading and managing your entire population of users, both potential and current. It can also save time for users by enabling you to upload as much profile information for them as desired to reduce the amount of time it takes users to complete their profiles upon being added to a program.

Adding Users at the Global or Program Track Levels

At the Global Level:

  • Users can only be added via CSV file upload.

  • Added users are in a 'Dormant' state and do not count towards your active user count. They also do not receive any emails or notifications from Chronus until they are added to a program.

  • Adding users at this level does not add them to a program. However, they can be added to any number of programs from the global user repository by a global administrator who has access to all programs on your platform instance.

Navigation: Manage > Enrollment > Add Users from CSV

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 9.58.08 AM.png

At the Program Track Level:

  • Users can be added manually.

  • Users can be added via CSV file upload: Unless you disable them, anyone added into a program track is in an 'Active' state and will be sent one of the following system emails depending on their role.

Navigation: Manage > Program Configuration > System Emails

  • Notification to new mentor added by administrator

  • Notification to new mentee added by administrator

  • Notification to new teacher or a user with multiple roles added

  • Notification to new administrator added to the program

System emails can be edited or turned off by admins as needed: Previewing and Editing System Emails

Navigation: Manage > Enrollment > Add Users

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Adding Users Manually

This option is only available at the program track level. Select this option if you need to add users one at a time. Clicking on 'Add users manually' provides the following form:

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 7.59.24 PM.png

Complete these fields and click 'Next':

  • Email

  • Select a role: A users can have all three roles at one time if needed.

Clicking 'Next' produces the profile form. Add the person's first and last name, then click the buttons at the bottom of the profile form: 'Publish and finish' or 'Publish and and another'.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 7.57.54 PM.png

Add Users from CSV

This option is only available at the program track level. You will also be required to designate which role(s) users in this upload will have, either by selecting the role as shown in the screenshot above, or through a Role column in the CSV file. You can only import up to 1,000 users at a time. Column headers cannot be blank when uploading your file.

Select this option to add many users to your program at once. You can also use this method to include user profile information in the upload, decreasing the amount of time users spend filling out their profiles. This method also works for mass updating the profiles of already existing users, too.

When selecting this option, you will need a CSV file encoded in UTF-8 format to proceed. Note that many HRMS or HRIS software can export user data for you in this format, making the process of exporting and importing into Chronus very simple.

The first row is used as data column headers, which designate what data values will be placed in the rows beneath them. We highly recommend that your column headers match the profile field names in your profile to minimize potential errors. In the image below, we show an example of what the sheet would look like, with the minimum required information in red (Role is only required if you do not designate the users' roles in the page):

Data values that will be imported into profile fields with a set list of options (“Pick one answer”, “Pick multiple answers”, “Ordered Options”) need to match exactly with the options in the profile field; attempting to upload values that do not exist in the list of options in Chronus will result in errors during the upload process.

Once your CSV file is ready to upload, upload it into the interface and select the role(s) the users in the file should have, or select the option to map the users' roles to a column in the CSV, then click Continue:

The next page is where you map which columns in your CSV file map to corresponding profile fields. Use the drop-downs on the left side of the page to select columns from your CSV file and drop-downs on the right side of the page to select corresponding profile field titles. Note that the first three profile fields will always be the minimum required information of First Name, Last Name, and Email. Click Continue after you finish mapping your fields.

This final page will inform you of how many users will be imported, whether or not any existing users' profile information will be updated as part of this import, and any errors that were found when the software checked the CSV file. If there are any errors, you can click the link to see which rows had errors:

Any errors will be shown in red text; in the image below, the email address is incomplete, thus it was flagged by the software. You can also click the Download button to download the error log to review errors in more detail:

If you need to fix errors, make the changes in your CSV file then click the Import Data tab near the top of the page to upload the fixed CSV file and try again. If you’re ready to import your users, click Complete to add them to your track.

Adding Users via CSV file in Dormant State

This option is only available at the global level for multi-track programs, or for single track programs. Users cannot be added in a dormant state to one specific track in a multi-track program.

Use this option if you would like users' information to be available for global reporting purposes, or if you want their profiles to be at least partially filled out for them should they sign up for a track.

For multi-track programs, to access this feature, click the Enrollment card at the global manage page, then click Add Users from CSV, as shown in the image above.

For single track programs, click the Enrollment card on the Manage page, then click Add Users and click the Add users from CSV in Dormant State option:

The remainder of the process remains the same as the Add Users Tool outlined above, with the exception that a role does not need to be specified.

Adding Users at the Global Level

This option is only available at the track level and may not be available to track-level admins, depending on your global program’s privacy settings.

Use this option if you would like to add just a few users from another track or dormant users from the global level. Be sure to group your selections by role: when you click the button to add selected users, they will be batch added with the role you select on the last screen.

Use the filters on the right to search for users in a specific track with a specific role, tick the Dormant users checkbox to look at only dormant users, or search by name or email address with the text box at the top.

To add these users to your program, tick the checkbox to the left of each user’s name that you would like to add, then click Actions, and Add to program.

The system will remember checkboxes you ticked if you need to filter away from users you already selected.

Select the role(s) that you would like these users to have, then click Submit to add them to your track.


What if I receive the error "Email has to be unique" with trying to upload users from a CSV file?

  1. Check to see if the user has a dormant/alternate profile with the same email address.

  2. Check to see if there are any duplicate records (same email address added twice ) in the CSV file that you are trying to upload.

I get an error when I try to upload users from a CSV file. Why is this?
The most common cause is the CSV file not being saved with UTF-8 encoding. To fix this, open the file and go to Save as. Click the drop-down beneath the file’s name and select CSV UTF-8:

If you’re still encountering an issue, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

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