Program Branding
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Program Branding refers to the background and font colors of the title bar shown at the top of the page where your program name is located and most of the buttons found in your program.

Changing Your Program Branding Theme

If you would like to change the branding of your individual program track and have specific colors in mind, reach out to a Chronus Success team member to do so. Be sure to provide the following information to ensure your desired outcome:

  • Name of the program track whose branding should be changed (if you have more than one program track)

  • Hex color values for the following:

    • Title Bar

    • Title Bar Font

    • Button Background

    • Button Font

As an example for reference, the hex color values for the image shown earlier in this article are:

  • Title Bar: #1AB394

  • Title Bar Font: #FFFFFF

  • Button Background: #179D82

  • Button Font: #FFFFFF

Selecting an Existing Program Branding Theme

You can also select from one of the default themes by clicking the Program Branding icon under the Program Configuration card on the Manage page.


Click the Use theme button to the right of the theme you wish to apply. You can switch between these defined themes at will.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Multi-track programs) Can I change just one of my program track's branding without changing the others?

Yes. Please be sure to specify the name of the program track where the branding should be updated.

(Multi-track programs) Can I change just the global-level branding?


Can I change the color formatting for anything else across the site?

Only where you have control over HTML, such as Program Overview pages and Help Resources.

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