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2024 Q1 - πŸ“¬ New System Emails
2024 Q1 - πŸ“¬ New System Emails
Updated over a week ago


Announcing our new and improved system emails! We have made some crucial improvements in our email design and messaging to motivate users to take action, including:

  1. An updated email template design

  2. The time emails are sent is now based on the user's location to optimize open rates

  3. Content for four crucial emails

Why it matters: For many users, customized system emails provide critical nudges that can lead to higher matching rates and mentorship engagement levels.

The following four crucial emails nudge participants to complete two important steps:

  • Requesting a mentor (in self-match programs)

  • Scheduling the first meeting

Requesting a Mentor

In self-match programs, mentees can review mentor matches and send requests to start a mentorship. The first update was made to a system email that reminds mentees to request a mentor.

If they have not sent a request 3 days after joining the program, they are sent an email reminding them it's their turn to send a request. Another reminder is sent on day 10.

Day 3 Reminder

A nudge for mentees to "take their turn" and request a mentor

Day 10 Reminder

A second reminder to request a mentor or request help if they can't find one

SendMentoringRequestReminder1-Mentees (1).png
SendMentoringRequestReminder2-Mentees (1).png

Schedule First Meeting

The first meeting is an essential step in every mentorship. These updated system emails nudge mentors and mentees to schedule the first meeting if they haven't in the early days of their mentorship.

Mentee Reminder Example

A nudge that is sent to mentees to schedule a first meeting

Mentor Reminder Example

A reminder email that is sent to mentors to schedule the first meeting


Admins can review, enable, and disable system emails as an admin. Please see this help center article for instructions on managing system emails.

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