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Google Meet integration allows individual users to create meetings within Chronus that utilize the Google Meet video conferencing software.

For information regarding enabling Google Meet for your instance, please reach out to a customer success team member.

Google Meet integration is currently available only to individual users. G Suite integration is not available at this time.


Once configured for your instance and enabled as a meeting mode within a track, participants in the track that utilize a personal Google Calendar that they connected to their account in Chronus will be able to schedule meetings that generate unique Google Meet links for them and their meeting participants to join.

To get started, please follow the steps outlined below.

Steps for Administrators

First, someone at Chronus will need to enable Google Meet for your instance. Please get in touch with your dedicated customer success team member for assistance with this.

Once the team member has enabled the feature, each track in your instance will have the ability to enable Google Meet as a meeting mode for their users.

To enable Google Meet as a meeting mode, at the track level, go to Manage -> Program Configuration -> Program Settings -> Permissions -> Meeting Mode.


Once you arrive, tick the box to the left of Google Meet, then commit your change by clicking Save at the bottom of the page.

Now all users in this track that have connected their Google Calendar will be able to creating meetings in Chronus that include a Google Meet link!


Steps for Users

There are two different workflows users can encounter after Google Meet integration has been configured for your instance and the meeting mode has been enabled in a track:


1) A calendar has already been connected to the user's Chronus account

2) A calendar has not yet been connected to the user's Chronus account


A calendar has already been connected

The next time a user goes to create a meeting in Chronus, they will see two small circular blue arrows next to the Google Meet option; they will need to click these arrows before they can begin utilizing this meeting mode.

After clicking the arrows, the user will be shown one of the two following prompts to confirm the integration:

If a user has already connected their Google Calendar with Chronus, the user will need to click the Google button to log in one last time to grant Chronus the permission it needs to create Google Meet links on behalf of the user in their meeting invitations.


If a user has already connected an Outlook/Office 365 calendar, the user will first need to disconnect this calendar, then connect their Google Calendar to Chronus. In this prompt, the user can perform both of these actions at once. After they have connected their Google Calendar to Chronus, Google Meet will also be available to them as well.


A calendar has not yet been connected

If a user has not yet connected a calendar to their Chronus account, they will see the prompt shown above on their home page where they can click the link to connect a calendar. Alternatively, they can also connect a calendar to their account through the Settings area under the Edit Profile screen, or by clicking the Connect button that will appear to the right of the Google Meet option when creating a new meeting in Chronus.

Be aware that users can connect either an Outlook/Office 365 calendar or a Google calendar by following these prompts; have them ensure that they are connecting their Google accounts when following any of these workflows.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a user connect two calendars at a time, Ex: Outlook for Scheduling assistant & Google calendar for Google Meet?

No, a user can only have one calendar connected at any given time.


What permissions are needed by Chronus to use Google Meet as a meeting mode?

Google Meet requires that the user grants both read and write access to their calendars (AKA within Google's API).


Where can I find statistics regarding meetings created using Google Meet?

At the track-level Dashboard, click the Virtual Mentoring Dashboard button in the upper right corner of the page. You will find a box in the bottom right corner of the following page that shows statistics regarding Google Meet meetings made through Chronus.

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