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This year, a new user experience will be released, starting with the user homepage and updates to the overall platform design.

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Why it matters: Participants are busy, and their tools should be simple and guide them to take their next step. The updated design and user experience are simplified and optimized to help participants know what to do next, which will increase engagement with the tool and their mentoring partners.

  • An improved user experience, including a refreshed design with new fonts and icons, creates a clean and streamlined experience for busy participants. 
  • A new user homepage guides participants to take their next steps and highlights.

Check out this short tour of the new user experience πŸ‘‡


Updated Design Themes

You now have two options when it comes to picking a design theme for your programs. In addition to the customizable theme, which allows you to use your own colors, you can now also opt to use our new, optimized theme.

πŸ‘‰ Not sure which theme to use? Use this guide to help pick one. πŸ‘ˆ

New, Optimized Theme

Customizable Theme

Designed to apply a blue color scheme with accessibility and the user's experience in mind.

Elements that call out required actions, such as banners, are emphasized through intentional color contrast (see example of the user Home page banner below).

Designed to include custom brand colors with the new user experience.

Elements in the design that require action, such as banners or announcements, do not have as much color contrast and therefore, are not as prominent (see example of the user Home page banner below).

Optimized.png Custom.png


New Fonts & Icons

Refreshed fonts and icons throughout the admin and end-user experience have been updated to support a more modern, lightweight design that will feel more streamlined to the user.

Old Fonts & Icons

New Fonts & Icons


User Homepage

When users arrive on their homepage for the first or 50th time, they will be guided to engage and given clear direction on the next steps.

This page has been streamlined to show the user's priorities at the top. 

After that, the page guides them to review items in order of time sensitivity. This includes:

  • Potential matches or match requests
  • Incomplete courses
  • Pinned resources
  • Community activities, such as posts and new Q&A items

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 6.31.24β€―AM.png

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