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The Events feature enables ERG leads and their members to schedule and promote ERG events on the platform. Invite participants to a program event you created exclusively for them, or to some other organizational event, or create an event for a subcommittee within your ERG. With this feature you can manage your guest list by:

  • Selecting specific users to invite
  • Providing meeting information and virtual meeting links
  • Tracking RSVPs and declines
  • Sending a reminder to 24 hours before the event

Why it matters: This is one more way to provide a one-stop-shop for your ERG where members can track and receive updates for upcoming events and follow conversations related to a specific event or a group initiative that includes meetings/events.

Scheduling An Event

Step 1: Click the 'New Event' button on the right and select 'Add New Event' from the dropdown; you can access the 'Add Event' button from within your ERG page on the upper right as as well.


Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 2.28.32 PM.png


Step 2: Complete 'Set up an Event' form:

  • Title your ERG on the first line.
  • Add description (optional)
  • Date & Time: Input your date and time; note you can view the timezones of participants here.
  • Repeat: Select from options allowing you to set recurring events or not.
  • Event mode:
    • Select Meet in-person, Phone or Other(s) to add your web conferencing link or location. You can add a meeting link, phone number or location in this field.
    • If you have a meeting platform integration on Chronus, such as MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., your link will populate automatically.
  • Extend the event invitation to newly added member(s) of the ERG: Selecting this option will automatically add participants:
    • Who join after you scheduled the meeting but before the meeting occurs.
    • Automatically add new members to recurring meetings whenever they join the ERG.
  • Add Participants: Select your participants from the dropdown.
  • Click 'Send Invites'

Viewing Your Event

Your new event will now show up on your Home page dashboard as shown below. By default, the event creator has the status of attending. Meeting attendees can accept the meeting via email or on the platform. In both cases, the event will update with their status.


Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 4.52.21 pm.png


Members can view all of their events from their Events page, as well as view meeting details, location details and links, and provide their RSVP or decline:


Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 4.48.19 pm.png




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