Administrator Inbox: Communicating with Program Participants


The Administrator Inbox facilitates private, two-way communication between administrators and select program participants.

To send a message to all participants and display a static announcement in a shadowbox the next time a user accesses Chronus, use the Announcements feature instead. Note that announcements are only available at the track level.

About the Administrator Inbox

Program participants can send a message to the Admin Inbox by clicking Contact Admin at the top right of the page, or by selecting Contact Administrator in the left navigation menu. Non-participants are able to send messages to the Admin Inbox by selecting "Contact Admin" on the top right of the program overview page prior to logging in or having access to the program.

All administrators in a program track share access to the Admin Inbox, allowing you to divvy up the responsibility of monitoring inquiries. However, replies to messages will be from the individual admin who responded.

Note that each track has its own unique Administrator Inbox. There is also a global-level Administrator Inbox for global administrators, should a user need assistance there.

Navigating the Admin Inbox

To view incoming and sent messages, click the Messages tab on the right side of the top navigation bar, then click Administrator Inbox.

Inbox - Displays the list of messages received from members to the Administrator. Click on a message to view details.

Sent Messages - Select “Sent” next to the Inbox to view sent messages

Reply to Message -To reply to a message, click on the arrow button on the top right. A text box will appear where you can type in your response and send your message.

Delete Message - Click on the down arrow next to the reply button to delete a message.

Compose Message - Select “Send Message to Members” or click down arrow and select “Send Message to Mentoring Connection”. In the To field, enter the name of the member or mentoring connection. Enter the nature of the Subject, and then click “Send Message”.


admin inbox screen shot.png

Sending Messages via User Views

Alternatively, you can send a message in bulk from User Views. Messages sent from the User Views tool will appear in your "Sent" folder in your Admin Inbox.

Once you've selected a User View, check the boxes on the left side to determine who the message is being sent to. Using the actions button, select "Send Message" to compose your message and send.

send message via user reports.png


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