New User Enrollment Experience: Increase Mentorship Requests & User Activation

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An improved new user enrollment experience for mentors and mentees is the first update in our effort to elevate the user experience as part of the 2023 roadmap. You can continue reading to learn about the improvements or jump to a short demo.

Self-match programs with the new enrollment experience saw a 12% increase in mentees sending mentoring requests.

What's changed?

A guided experience through the profile

Users are guided through their profiles after logging in for the first time, completing short sections at a time. A progress bar (on the left) shows users how many more sections they must complete.

With more guidance and understanding of their progress, users are more likely to complete their profiles and become active users.


Suggested matches are shared with the user 

In self-match programs, users are shown potential matches directly after completing their profile. Sending a request is optional, but offering matches at this point increases the number of match requests sent.


Platform tour shows the user's journey

When users arrive on their homepage for the first time, they are offered a tour of the platform that guides them through important workflows, such as requesting mentoring partners and how to access resources.

Impact on self-match programs

Self-match programs that have the new enrollment experience enabled have an increase in the number of requests sent. 

  • 12% increase in the percentage of mentees who send at least one connection request
  • 10% increase in the average number of requests sent by mentees

These results are from usability tests run from Jan through May 2023.

Short Demo (00:45)

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