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How to Promote DEIB in the Workplace
How to Promote DEIB in the Workplace
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When it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, the research is clear. Diverse companies outperform their less-diverse counterparts in terms of profitability. Organizations that work to create a company culture where workers from all backgrounds can thrive are able to attract a wide pool of talent and are in a strong position to attract a diverse customer and client base as well.

In this guide:

  • Guidelines for Building Your Own DEIB Strategy

  • Framework: Developing your Inclusive Workplace

  • Why Mentoring for Inclusive Workplace Culture?

  • How to Start a DEIB Mentorship Program

  • Types of Mentoring for DEIB

  • Measuring DEIB Mentoring

  • Why Mentoring Software for DEIB

  • This guide has a downloadable ebook: Mentoring for a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

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