Microsoft Teams Integration: End User Experience

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A Microsoft Teams integration allows users to receive program notifications and execute many program activities within their Teams desktop or mobile display, without logging directly onto the Chronus platform.

The requirements for this integration are active Chronus & MS Teams accounts and the Chronus App made available to users immediately by default, or for installation from the Teams Marketplace.

For admin instructions see: Microsoft Teams: Chronus App Integration   

MS Teams for Chronus allows users to be on top of any updates to your mentoring program and take actions immediately within the Teams application via Chronus App:

  • Receive notifications about mentoring program updates and activity
  • Take action on mentoring requests
  • Communicate with your mentoring partner
  • Get reminders of your upcoming meetings
  • Respond to surveys

End User Video Demo


User Installation

After confirming with your program administrator that they have requested the enablement of the MS Teams integration, go to the app marketplace within MS Teams located in the lower left corner of the MS Teams window:


When the app marketplace opens, using the search bar at the top of the MS Teams window, search the term “Chronus” or “Mentoring” to find the Chronus app:


Click on the Chronus tile and then click "Add":


From there, you can connect and disconnect with your Chronus application by entering using commands Chronus supports. To begin using the Chronus Bot, enter the command "Connect" to link to your mentoring program.




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