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A Microsoft Teams integration allows users to receive program notifications and execute many program activities within their Teams desktop or mobile display, without logging directly onto the Chronus platform. If integration is desired, your Chronus CS contact will connect you with an appointed Support Specialist to walk you through the integration process.

Why it matters: For participants that actively use Teams throughout their day, the integration provides seamless and efficient interaction with the mentoring platform. Users can easily stay on top of their mentoring and meeting requests, surveys and more, and take actions immediately within the Teams application. When Teams is integrated, there is a higher level of timely responses as well as satisfaction with ease of use.

The following article does not include the Teams video integration or the end user experience. For this information, please see:


  • Active Chronus & Microsoft Teams Enterprise account
  • Users in Chronus must be members of the organization's enterprise account with same email address

Installing Chronus on MS Teams

There are two approaches to installing the Chronus App on the MS Teams application. Your organization's Microsoft Teams Admin will need to log onto their Teams account and proceed with one of the following approaches.

Option 1: Make app available on the organization's Teams Marketplace

Allow the availability of the Chronus app on the organization's Teams Marketplace so that a user can install it on their Teams window.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 2.39.23 PM.png

Option 2: Enable the default installation of the Chronus app for all or a subset of users

Step 1: From your Teams left main menu, click on 'Teams apps' dropdown and select 'Setup policies.'

Step 2: On the 'App setup policies' page, select 'Global/org-wide default.'

Step 3: In the 'Installed Apps' section, click the 'Add apps' button.

Step 4: Search for the Chronus App on the right panel to add it, then click 'Add' again at the bottom of the page. The Chronus app should now appear in the 'Pinned apps' section.


Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 2.20.26 PM.png

Here is a quick video on how to do it - Click Here

With both approaches, once the app is installed a request will be sent to Chronus server with the necessary information. Chronus uses OAuth 2.0 client credentials grant flow to get an access token with Microsoft login service along with the user information received during installation to send notifications proactively. The user does not need to provide any Oauth permissions explicitly.

Please Note: Once integration is complete, the Chronus chatbot will send out a welcome notification to all the users in the policy.

Architecture Diagram



OAuth Permission Scope

Chronus doesn’t require any explicit permissions to send notification except for the permission

obtained while installing the Chronus App.

Data Access

Chronus will only have permission to view the following information from the MS Teams

accounts that Chronus is connected to:

1. Name, email addresses of people (to identify the right user for message posting)

2. Message content that Chronus has posted to users

Post-Integration Workflow

Chronus uses the Bot Connector Service to send and receive messages within MS Teams.

The Bot Connector service enables the Chronus App to exchange messages with MS Teams

by using industry-standard REST and JSON over HTTPS. With the Chronus integration,

users will be able to receive and act upon notifications regarding their mentoring

program activities within their MS Teams account.

Overview of User Functions

With a Teams integration, users have access to the following activities within their Teams window without having to log onto the Chronus platform:

  • Receive notifications about mentoring program updates and activity

  • Take action on mentoring requests

  • Communicate with their mentoring partner

  • Get reminders for upcoming meetings

  • Respond to surveys

Users can also connect and disconnect the Chronus application by entering the commands that Chronus supports.



Will end users need to authorize their MS Teams account?

No. Depending on the integration approach the admin selects, the user will either have the app immediately available within Teams, or will take a few simple steps to install it from their organization's Teams Marketplace. 

Once installed notifications will be sent regardless of whether the user is logged in to Chronus or not.

How does Chronus map the users between the Customer’s Chronus account & the MS Teams


Chronus uses the emails of the users to map between the Customer’s Chronus & MS Teams

accounts. Users receiving notifications inside MS Teams from Chronus should be using their MS

Teams email in their Chronus account.

Can I extend capabilities to only one/a selected list of programs in my organization?

No. Once integrated, Chronus for MS Teams will be available for all the programs in your


Will Chronus have access to messages in other channels/personal messages between users in

the teams app ?

No. Chronus will only have access to the personal bot channel it creates to send


Can I remove MS Teams access to Chronus?

The Chronus integration with MS Teams can be disabled by Administrator.

Contact Information

For any issues or troubleshooting, administrators can create a support ticket/case by clicking here, or use the contact option from within the Chronus platform. You can also send an email to

Chronus customer support desk is available 24/5 from Monday to Friday.


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