Complete Guide to Integrate Microsoft Teams with Chronus


MS Teams + Chronus

Get instant updates on your mentoring program on your Teams application


MS Teams for Chronus allows you to be on top of any updates to your mentoring program and take actions immediately within the Teams application. 


  1. Active Chronus & MS Teams accounts
  2. MS Teams Integration in Chronus should be enabled by the Chronus Support team (on request)


There are two types of Installation Chronus offers

  • User-level installation:  Users can browse the Chronus app from the Teams app marketplace
  • Organization level installation:  Org level installation will automatically populate the Chronus app to all the users by default

User-level installation

In user-level Installation, users can simply go to the app marketplace and browse for 'Chronus' and add it. Upon adding the app, the user will start receiving notifications starting with a welcome message.

Organization level installation

Step 1: Microsoft Teams admin to login to

Step 2: Allow the Chronus app to be available in the marketplace, if already not enabled.  
                  Teams -> Manage apps -> Search 'Chronus' and select allow.

Step 3: Go to Teams -> Set-up policy, Create a new policy, or go to existing policy and add ‘Chronus’.

Here is a quick video on how to do it - Click Here

Note: Once the integration is completed, the Chronus chatbot will send out a welcome notification to all the users in the policy.

What does the Chronus Teams app do?

With Teams for Chronus, you can:

  • Receive notifications about mentoring program updates and activity

  • Take action on mentoring requests

  • Communicate with your mentoring partner

  • Get reminders of your upcoming meetings

  • Respond to surveys

You can also connect and disconnect with your Chronus application by entering using commands Chronus supports.



For any issues/troubleshooting, administrators can create a support ticket/case by clicking here, or use the contact option from within the Chronus platform. You can also send an email to

Chronus customer support desk is available 24/5 from Monday to Friday.


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