Integrating Slack with Chronus: A Complete Guide

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Slack for Chronus allows end users to be on top of any mentoring program updates and take actions immediately within Slack. With this integration, mentors and mentees can easily engage with each other and administrators, as well as take actions and accomplish tasks without leaving slack to go to the Chronus platform.


Why it's important: If users are using Slack for their daily communication throughout the day, this integration provides great efficiency by delivering their mentorship program tasks directly into their daily workspace. With many incoming channels demanding our attention and focus, this integration simplifies the user workflow. They no longer need to pivot their focus or set aside time to check their email notifications and respond directly on the platform. With this integration, the ease of use is shown to impact program engagement very positively, culminating in more actions are taken and in a more timely manner.

Video Demos: End User Experience

Slack Demo #1: Viewing in notifications and taking action

  • View connection area
  • Access tasks
  • Send messages
  • View profiles of recommended mentors and send requests
  • Accept and decline mentee requests
  • Accept and decline meeting requests including choosing from proposed timeslots
  • Complete surveys


Slack Demo #2: Taking a connection survey in Slack





  1. Active Chronus & Slack accounts
  2. The integration must be completed by someone with administrator privileges in Slack & global administrator privileges in Chronus
  3. Slack Integration in Chronus should be enabled by the Chronus Support team (upon request)


Integration Steps

Step 1: Enable the Slack integration on the Chronus platform on the global level*

An administrator with both Slack and Chronus access will first need to log onto the Chronus platform. The admin must have global level access (access to the top level of the instance and all programs within).

Global Level Navigation: Manage > Engagement > Integrations

Click on the Integrations icon to reveal a list of integrations Chronus supports, including Slack.

Please Note: Only after the feature is enabled by the Chronus support team, will the option to integrate Slack be available for Admins under the Integrations section.

Step #2: Add your organization's workspace

  1. Click on the Slack icon to add your organization’s Slack workspace and integrate with Chronus:

  2. Click on ‘Add a workspace’ to go to the Slack login page. After entering the login credentials for your Slack workspace, Chronus will ask permission to access the Slack workspace as shown below. If you are already logged into your Slack workspace, you will be directly taken to step 3.


3. Click 'Allow' to provide Chronus with the required permissions to access the Slack workspace. This action will take you back to the Slack Integrations page as shown below:

Congratulations! You have integrated Slack with Chronus!


Access Levels for Administrators and End Users

Admins will have control over the integration and removal of Slack in Chronus. End user roles (i.e. Mentors and Mentees) will not have control as the Slack integration for Chronus is done at the admin level only.


Removing the Slack Integration

There are two ways to remove the Slack integration with Chronus:

  1. Via Chronus
    • Step 1: Login to Chronus and navigate to the Integrations page
    • Step 2: Go to Slack Integrations page
    • Step 3: Click the Remove button
  2. Via Slack
    • Step 1: Login to our Slack account and navigate to the Customize Slack section
    • Step 2: Click on Configure Apps to see the list of apps are integrated with the Slack workspace
    • Step 3: Click on the Chronus app
    • Step 4: Click on Remove App



What kind of data will Chronus be able to access from a customer's Slack account? 

Chronus will only have permission to view the following information from the Slack workspaces Chronus is connected to:

  • Name, email domain, and icon of the Slack workspace
  • Email addresses of people in Slack workspace (to identify the right user to post messages)
  • Only the message content that Chronus has posted to users in the Slack workspace

Will end users need to authorize their Slack account?

No. End users won’t need to do any authorizing. Admin authorization alone should suffice.

Can I extend capabilities to only one program/a selected list of programs in my organization?

No. Once integrated, Slack will be available for all the programs in your organization.

Can the admin who authenticated Slack be removed from Chronus once authorization is done?

Yes, once complete, the administrator can be removed or deactivated.

Can I remove Slack access to Chronus?

Yes, you will have the option to remove the integration from Chronus as well as from the Slack account.

Can I integrate multiple Slack workspaces with Chronus?

Yes, you will have the option to remove the integration from Chronus as well as from the Slack account.

Will Chronus have access to messages in other channels/personal messages between users in the Slack workspace?

No. Chronus will only have access to the personal bot app channel it creates to send notifications.


Contact Information

For any issues or troubleshooting, administrators can create a support ticket/case by clicking here, or use the contact option from within the Chronus platform. You can also send an email to

Chronus customer support desk is available 24/5 from Monday to Friday.

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