Complete guide to integrate Slack with Chronus


Slack + Chronus

Get instant updates on your mentoring program whenever, wherever.


Slack for Chronus allows you to be on top of any updates to your mentoring program and take actions immediately within Slack. With this new integration, mentors and mentees can easily engage with each other or their program administrator at any time.


  1. Active Chronus & Slack accounts
  2. User carrying out integration should have administrator privileges in both platforms ( Slack & Chronus)
  3. Slack Integration in Chronus should be enabled by the Chronus Support team (on request)


  1. User with Admin Privileges will login to the Chronus platform, go to the Manage page at Global level and click on Program Settings. Under Integrations tab you will see the list of integrations Chronus supports where Slack will be listed as below.  
    Note: Only after the feature is enabled by the Chronus support team, will the option to integrate Slack be available for Admins under the Integrations section.

  2. Clicking on the above Slack tile will take the Admin to the page (below)  where they can add their Organization’s Slack workspace and integrate with Chronus. mceclip2.png

  3. Clicking on ‘Add a workspace’ will take the admin to the login page of Slack. After entering the login credentials of their Slack workspace, Chronus will ask permission to access the Slack workspace as below. If you are already logged into your Slack workspace, you will be directly taken to step 3.

  4. On clicking Allow, you will provide Chronus the required permissions to access the Slack workspace and land back on the Slack Integrations page as below.

    Once the above steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 are completed, Slack will be integrated with Chronus.



Admins will have control over the integration and removal of Slack in relation to a particular Chronus account.  End user roles will not have control as the Slack integration for Chronus is done at the account level only.



There are two ways by which you can remove Slack integration with the Chronus platform. 

  1. Through Chronus
    • Step 1: Login to your Chronus account and navigate to the Integrations section
    • Step 2: Go to Slack Integrations page
    • Step 3: Click the Remove button in the Slack workspace you have integrated with
  2. Through Slack
    • Step 1: Login to our Slack account and navigate to the Customize Slack section
    • Step 2: Click on Configure Apps to see the list of apps integrated with your Slack workspace
    • Step 3: Click on Chronus app listed
    • Step 4: Click on Remove App



What kind of data will Chronus be able to access from a customer's Slack account? 

Chronus will only have permission to view the following information from the Slack workspaces Chronus is connected to:

  • Name, email domain, and icon of Slack workspace
  • Email addresses of people in Slack workspace
  • The content of the message that Chronus has sent to the people/channel in the Slack workspace

Will end users need to authorize their Slack account?

No. End users won’t need to do any authorizing.

Can I extend capabilities to only one/a selected list of programs in my organization?

No. Once integrated, Slack will be available for all the programs in your organization. 

Can the Admin who authenticated Slack be removed from Chronus once authorization is done?

Yes, once done the administrator can be removed/deactivated.

Can I remove Slack access to Chronus?

Yes, you will have the option to remove the integration from Chronus as well as from the Slack account admin portal.



For any issues/troubleshooting, users can create a support ticket/case at  or use the contact option from within the Chronus platform. You can also send  an email to

Chronus customer support desk is available 24/5 from Monday to Friday.

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