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Slack + Chronus

Get instant updates on your mentoring program whenever, wherever.


Slack for Chronus allows you to be on top of any updates to your mentoring program and take actions immediately in Slack. With this new integration, mentors and mentees can easily engage with each other or their program administrator at any time. 

Instantly respond to mentee requests

Get instant updates on the mentoring requests sent by mentees and connect with them directly through your organization’s Slack instance. Don't miss out on a mentoring opportunity. 



Get in touch with you mentoring partner anytime

Connect with your mentoring partner anytime by sending a message in Slack . You can also receive updates about your mentoring program from administrators.



Receive updates on Mentoring Requests

Stay updated on the requests you’ve sent without logging into your program. 



Never miss sharing your feedback

Share feedback with your program admins and update your progress in your mentoring connection by responding to surveys within Slack.



Please contact our support team to enable Slack for Chronus in your platform by creating a support ticket at or using contact option from within Chronus platform or you can drop an email at


Here is the guide to integrate Slack with Chronus platform. 


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