Bookmarking for Self-Match Programs: End User Workflow


Bookmarking provides the ability for mentees to favorite and ignore mentor profiles in order to fine tune their mentor wish list. This feature is for self-match programs (mentees send match requests directly to the mentor).


Bookmarking or Favoriting a Mentor

Mentees simply select the yellow star next to a mentor's name to favorite, or bookmark, that mentor. Mentors that are favorites will be placed in a list for easy access and final evaluation prior to sending requests. The system will also send bookmarked mentors as recommendations for the mentee if their first mentoring request gets declined or closed/expired. The actual process of sending a mentoring request is not changing.

Ignoring a Mentor

To ignore a mentor, the mentee can select the "X" next to a mentors name, either from the Mentors listing page or from the home page recommendations. Ignored mentors will go to the bottom of the list and out of the way. Mentors will not get any notifications of either action. This feature will help mentees make smart and confident decisions regarding their mentoring requests. Mentors who are not a good fit will no longer clutter the mentee's browsing experience.

Below, find a gif that shows the process of bookmarking and ignoring mentors. 


Home Page Guidance 

In addition, we will be displaying new and improved guidance for first-time mentees to help increase match rates. This guidance will encourage mentees to browse ample mentors, send several mentoring requests, and use the new bookmarking feature. (Note: if your settings do not allow for multiple mentoring requests per mentee, the pop-up text will automatically adjust to reflect your settings). 



Q: If a mentee ignores a mentor and changes their mind, where will they find that mentor? 
A: Ignored mentors will show up at the bottom of the mentors listing page as "Not a Match." If a mentees stumbles upon a previously ignored mentor, for example via a specific search term, they will have an option to un-ignore them. If you receive frequent requests to find ignored mentors, please let us know so we can continue improving this feature!

Q: What if mentees are only allowed to send one or two requests in my program?
A: If your settings allow just 2 requests, the home page popup will say 2 instead of 3. If your settings allow only 1 request, the popup will automatically remove the 78% statistic and the aspect about sending multiple requests. 

Q: Who will see the home page popup? 
A: Only new mentees who have just finished filling out their profile for the first time, and existing mentees who have never sent any meeting or mentoring requests. 

Q: What happens if a mentee clicks the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the home page popup? 
A: The user will be taken to the Mentors listing page, where the available mentors are sorted by match score. 

Q: Will users see the home page popup multiple times?
A: No, it's shown just once in a user's lifetime. If a user dismisses the pop-up, they can only invoke it again by using the guide icon shown below, found on the Mentors listing page. 


Please contact your Chronus team with any questions or concerns right away! 

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    Dele Downs Kooley

    I just tried logging in and working on behalf of a mentee that accidentally ignored a mentor he wants to connect with and I am not able to find the "not a match" section to un-ignore.  Please show where that option is located. Thanks


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