1-minute mobile app demo

With the new Android app now available in the Google Play store, you might like to see the user experience for yourself. We think you'll love its simplicity. Your users definitely do: the data is already in for our iPhone app, showing higher engagement thanks to push notifications and a great UI. 



To harness better program engagement for your program, improved mobile adoption is a sure bet. Users who access the program via their smartphones will already see an automatic download option, but it really helps to promote the mobile experience proactively to your desktop users too. Otherwise, they may never know mobile is even an option. To help, we've created some visually compelling promos you can easily pop into a home page Announcement as well as your Program Overview page. We'll reach out soon with information about how to turn on these promotions.

Also available for you are our Mobile Accessibility Guide, Android Setup Instructions, and iOS Setup Instructions, attached as PDFs below. 

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