Make the most of matrix rating scales!

We're very pleased to announce that matrix rating scales have been added as a field type in Chronus surveys. They're now available for you to use right away! 

What's a matrix rating scale?

A matrix rating scale is a group of questions that all share the same pool of potential answers. 

You can more efficiently ask survey question that use a rating scale by compiling them into a single matrix, rather than ask each question individually.

Best Practices

Matrix rating scales are a fantastic option for collecting survey data. Here are some best practice tips for getting the most out of this feature. 

  • Limit choices to five or fewer options 
  • Keep the item wording short (items are the X-axis)
  • Keep response options short (response options are the Y-axis)
  • Organize your rating scale from high to low
  • You usually do not need to include an "N/A" option 
  • Always consider that someone may be taking the survey on a mobile device! 

Some best practice examples:

Don't forget that you can always contact your customer success manager for even more in depth tips and tricks. 





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