Meeting Calendar Sync with External Calendars

If your users are utilizing the Chronus Meeting Calendar, they have the option to sync this calendar with external calendaring software, including: 

  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • iCal

A few things to note:

  • All past and upcoming meetings will be added to the calendar.
  • Only meetings scheduled with specific times will be added to the calendar.
  • The initial sync will happen instantly, but subsequent updates and new meetings may take up to a day to show in the calendar.
  • The calendar subscription is one-way. Changes must be made within Chronus in order to reflect in both places. Updates made directly to the calendar will not be reflected in Chronus.
  • The subscription will allow the user to view their Chronus meetings from their external calendar, but it is a private view. Their colleagues will not see these timeslots blocked off when viewing the user's primary calendar

There is nothing that you the administrator have to do to enable this process. When users click the "Sync Calendar" button in the My Meetings section, the Chronus software will guide the user through the steps necessary to get the sync set up.

Attached to this article is two documents: "Instructions to Subscribe to Calendar," which is a Word document version of the of the end user guide, and "Overlay Your Chronus Calendar in Outlook 2013," which is instruction on how to show calendars in overlay rather than side by side. 

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