System Emails get a Redesign

System emails are notifications that automatically get sent out to members of your site when certain events are triggered, such as membership request approvals, welcome messages, and connection notifications. 

In late May, 2016, the System Emails section of the Chronus platform will be updated.

Here's what's changing: 

  • Emails will be categorized into various categories and subcategories. Categories and subcategories represent scenarios in the product workflow and will make it easier for you to look at the sequence of the emails sent out in a particular workflow. 
  • Enrollment emails are being consolidated. Five redundant emails will be consolidating with existing emails. Minor copy changes will occur for several more. See details below.  
  • The Draft Users feature will be deprecated as part of the redesign. If you had any users in the drafted state, you were already contacted by your Customer Success Manager.   

Here is a preview of the new organization structure: 


Effected emails: 

  • There will no longer be separate emails for inviting users as published versus unpublished. Both scenarios will trigger the same email. 
  • There will no longer be separate emails for inviting users to an additional track as published versus unpublished. Both scenarios will trigger the same email. 
  • Role request notification emails are being rolled into general membership request notification emails. 
  • When a member is added or invited into an additional track, they will now receive two separate emails: a notification email and a welcome email. 

Most of our clients have not modified any of the emails in this list. However, if you have made customizations to any of these emails, you will want to take a look at how your communication workflow will be impacted. Copy the text from the emails that are to be consolidated if you want to continue to use that text, and contact your Customer Success Manager so that you can work together on the best way to updated your custom wording. 

Please let your customer success manager know if you need any assistance or further details. 


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