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The Events feature enables you to schedule and promote an event for your participants on the platform. You can use this feature to invite participants to a program event you created exclusively for them, or simply to invite participants to some other organizational event. Events are an exciting component to add to any program and can reinforce the platform as a valuable "one-stop-shop", with everything that is supporting the mentoring journey in one place! With the Events feature you are able to manage your guest list by:

  • Selecting specific user segments to invite
  • Provide meeting information and virtual meeting links
  • Collect RSVPs
  • Send a reminder to 24 hours before the event

Scheduling An Event

Navigation: Manage > Engagement > Events

Step 1: Navigate to the Events feature on the Engagement card and click to open.

Step 2: Click the button 'Create Event' to open the new event form for completion.

Step 3: Complete the following fields and options:

  • Attendees - Select your user view* from the dropdown.
  • Limit the maximum number of event slots
  • Name (of Event)
  • Location - Webinar link or physical location
  • Date
  • Start & End Times
  • Timezone
  • Details - Text field for adding your event description and logo or image if desired. As a best practice, more detail is better. Take advantage of the formatting tools to add some visual variation. If there is an external registration link, be sure to include it here.
  • Optional check box to also sending an event email directly to participant email inboxes.
  • Optional link to test/preview the email yourself before sending to participants.



You can save your event as a draft and return later to post it on a specific date as this feature does not include advanced scheduling. Once saved and/or posted, you will find your events listed under one of the following tabs on the Events page:

  • Upcoming
  • Past
  • Drafted

Inviting User Segments to an Event

When creating your event, you will be prompted to select your User View on the 'Attendee' field, where you will find your available views in the 'Attendee' dropdown. If you wish to invite a custom segment of your users to an event that is not available in the dropdown, you'll need to create a new User View. For instructions, please click here to access this article: User Views: Managing Users & Custom Reports

User Views can be customized by selected filters such as:

  • Role
  • User Status - active, unpublished, etc.
  • Language used
  • Profile - specific profile field selections or status
  • Survey - status or specific user responses
  • Timeline - various date selections such as 'Join date', 'Last login date', etc.
  • Others - specified tags

Once you've created your User View, it will be available for selection on the 'Attendee' dropdown. After selecting your view, you’ll see a user count for your list. Prior to the event you’ll be able to easily add any newly eligible guests who joined or became eligible after the time you published the event.


End User Experience of the Events Feature

End User Event Invite

Once you post your event and have selected the option to also email your attendee list, your users will receive an email with your event details along with the ability to:

  • Accept and place the event on their calendars
  • View Event Details - a button that takes them directly to the event listing on the platform 
  • Respond with an RSVP option: Yes / No / Maybe



End User Event Post

On the platform, the details appear on the users Events page, under Community on the menu bar along with a badge indicating that there is a new event post.



Tracking Event Attendance

After an event is complete, you can upload the users who attended the event and those that did not. This allows you to keep track of both RSVPs and attendance in a single Chronus report.

To update your past event with attendees, navigate to your event. You will find it in the "Past" tab in the Events section.

When the event details are open, you will click the "Update Attendance" link in the "Administrator Actions" card. 


A popup will appear where you can upload a list of users. To add those who attended, upload the list of attendees and select "Present". To add those who did not attend, upload that list and select "Absent". Once you click the "Update" button the list of attendees will be updated.

Note: The format of your attendee list is important. Create a .csv file with a single column for Email Address. The first row should be blank or include a header, such as "Email Address". The email address must match the user's email address in Chronus. 



Once uploaded the users who attended and those that did not will be reflected in the Guests card.


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