Working on Behalf of a User: Test Workflows and Trouble Shoot End User Issues


Working on behalf of end users is an integral tool in the administrator arsenal. Working on behalf of a user allows you to explore the Chronus platform from every angle, investigate workflows, and problem solve end user issues. 

Common Use Cases

You may wish to work on behalf of an end user for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common uses of work on behalf are:

  • Testing end user workflows
  • Assessing the visual landscape from an end user perspective
  • Trouble shooting issues
  • Making direct changes to an end user's profile information

How to Work on Behalf of a User

To work on behalf of an end user, first navigate to that person's profile. You can do this by searching their name using "Search Program" at the top of the page, selecting them from a mentor or mentee listing tab via the left-hand navigation bar, through the User Views tool, or any other place in which their name appears as a highlighted link.

Once you are on the individual's profile page, click the Work on Behalf link located in the Admin Actions area in the upper right-hand area of the profile. 



The page will then reload. On the newly reloaded page, you can now see the site from the end user's perspective. You can make sure you have successfully switched over to working on behalf of this user by checking the top of the page for a small banner. 


Navigating Chronus while Working on Behalf of a User

You can now navigate the site as the end user, viewing their profile area, connection plan, and other sections as they would see them.

Any changes you make while working on behalf of the end user are treated by the system as real changes. If you make adjustments to profile information, check of tasks in a connection plan, or perform any other end user activity, those changes are live and immediate. 

To end work on behalf, navigate to the yellow banner at the top. On the right-hand side of this banner, click the link that says "Switch Back to..." The page will then reload and you will be back to working in your admin account again. 

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    Elizabeth Hannig

    I love the work on behalf of feature.  It would be helpful to list what you can and cannot do in this role.  For example, you cannot work on behalf and go to the profile settings and connect the calendar.  Also, the text when you want to "switch back to" should be a lighter color because you cannot see it and it makes you forget you are "working on behalf".  


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