Multi-Track Programs: Site Map

Curious about the Chronus site architecture? Please download our site map to better understand the Chronus structure. This site map is based on a multi-track program (Enterprise edition only). If you run a single-program site, then the architecture is flat and the top level disappears. 


  • In addition to the main navigation tabs shown (Home, Mentors, Mentees, Resources, Manage), your users will also see "Mentoring Connections" if they are currently in a connection, and "My Meetings" if they have scheduled any meetings with their partner.
  • Please also note that "Resources" may be labeled "Help Resources" or something else, as this is customizable terminology. You will not see this tab as an admin, but it shows up to your end users even if they are not yet matched. You can preview it by working on behalf of a user. 

Download the site map or preview it below.

Site map

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