Filing a Ticket and Navigating the Support Site

Filing a Ticket and Navigating the Support Site

The support site is an important resources for admins, and learning the basics of both filing a support ticket and navigating the site are key to running a successful program.

Filing a ticket 

If you notice a bug or have an issue with your program site, the best way to let Chronus know and to get help quickly is to file a ticket on our support site. In addition, the support site itself has many articles which may help you troubleshoot how-to issue. 


To access the support site, make sure you are logged in as an administrator on your program website. Click on the Support link on the navigation bar on the left side of the page




This will open a new tab to the Chronus support site. Click on the "New Support Ticket" button at the top to file a new ticket.




When you fill out your ticket take care to provide as much detail as possible. This will speed up the problem solving process for our engineers. Please include, when applicable:


  • A thorough description of the issue 
  • Time and date the issue occurred/frequency of occurrence
  • What part if the site or what admin tool it occurred in
  • an attached screenshot

Once your ticket is submitted our engineers will begin investigating. They might reach out to you for additional information, so be sure to keep an eye on your email. You can check up on the status of your ticket by going to the "Check Ticket Status" button at the top of the support site. 


Navigating the support site

In addition to being able to file tickets from the support site, as an admin you have access to a plethora of articles filled with news, how-to's, and best practices. 




There are several areas that you may find especially useful. 

  • News and Announcements: Keep up to date on improvements and changes to the Chronus software. 
  • Getting Started: Key Chronus concepts and basic guides
  • Software Setup and Design:  How-to and best practice guides for admins 

It's worth it to take the time to familiarize yourself with both the functions and the content of the support site. This will help you build a robust program, and quickly tackle any issues that may arise. 

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