Multi-track Programs: Global Manage Page

Multi-track Programs: Global Manage Page

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Enterprise edition subscription allows you to run multiple programs at the same time under one organization. The Global manage page allows you to manage the common settings for certain features that define the settings at a global level applicable for all sub programs. 

The following settings can be managed at a global level.

Global Program Settings

Allows administrators to manage the General settings, Custom Terminology settings, Features settings and the Security settings.

General Settings - In General Settings you can define the Global program name, a brief description and upload a logo. You can specify the Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy of the program.

Note: Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy will be applicable to all the programs nested under the Global program.

For more information: General Settings

Custom Terminology Settings - Define how program participants (Mentors & Mentees), the Mentoring Connections and the Articles will be referred to on all programs.

Note: The defined terminology will be applicable to all the programs nested under the Global program.

Features Settings - Enable or disable the “Articles” and “Question & Answers” features for all the programs. Articles provide program participants a place to share their knowledge and interact using a multimedia knowledge sharing platform. Question & Answers provides program participants a means to ask questions of each other. 

Note: Each program will have their own individual “Articles” and “Question & Answers” section.

Security Settings - Define the security settings for all programs. The Auto Logout feature, if enabled, will automatically log users out of the program based on the time period defined.

For more information: Security Settings

Global Program Overview

The Global Program Overview page is the home page for the mentoring program website at a global level. This page can be used to convey the details, purpose, information, etc of the mentoring program.

For more information on customizing the program home page:  Customizing Program Homepage


You can change the appearance (background color and style) of pages specific to the global program. Chronus provides a default theme and additional themes – Sky Blue, Golden Black and Crimson & Beige themes to choose from.

For more information on how to change the background theme:  Changing Background Theme

Mentor & Mentee Handbooks

Mentor & Mentee Handbooks are guides for successful Mentoring Relationships. Chronus developed the Handbooks based on current mentoring best practices to help administrators effectively manage and run programs. There are two handbooks, the “Mentor Handbook” and “Mentee Handbook”.  These handbooks can be replaced by customized handbooks to suit the program.  Both handbooks will be made available to all the programs.

For more information on mentor and mentee handbooks: Embedded Best Practices Content

Global Level Administrators

Manage administrators at a global level; i.e global administrators will have access to all the sub-programs. 

For more information on managing administrators: Managing Administrators

User Profile Fields

The User Profile Fields (Mentor and Mentee) can be customized to suit the needs of the Mentoring Program. The information provided will be used to match Mentee and Mentor profiles. The user profile fields for all the sub-programs can only be created at the global level.  Individual programs can only edit the settings for individual user fields.

For more information on creating/editing user profile fields: Configuring the Profile Form

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