Improve match rates with these new features

Running a self-match program? Consider these features to improve your match rates: 

1. Home page reminder to mentees

It's a common enough story: lots of enthusiastic mentors and mentees have enrolled in your program, and now you just need your mentees to take a deep breath and knock on someone's door (or, technically speaking, click that "Connect" button). We heard feedback that your mentees could use a bigger push in the right direction. So now, right on the home page, your mentees will find a can't-miss, front-and-center suggestion to request a match. The mentee's top 4 recommended matches will display at the top of their home page until they get matched, and sending a request is one click away! That's about as easy as it can get--no long hallways to walk down, no intimidating closed doors. 

Get matched


2. Set up automated email campaigns

Custom email reminders are in beta and ready for you to try out! Email to ask for a demo or for help getting set up with the right emails for your unique program. You can now set up email "campaigns" to drive a desired outcome, such as periodically reminding mentees or mentors to complete next steps - from profile completion to requesting a mentor and more. Set up a campaign or two, sit back, and enjoy advanced analytics as the emails go out to the right users at the right times. For example, only mentors with incomplete profiles will receive your profile completion reminder, and you choose how soon it is delivered after they join! Watch this video for a walkthrough.

3. Set up an automatic reminder to mentors 

Did you know you can schedule a reminder to mentors who have outstanding open mentor requests? All you need to do is go to "Program Settings" and look for the box shown below. When you check it off, you'll be asked to select a number of days after which to send the reminder; we recommend 3. Notice that you can also automatically close requests that have been pending for too many days, which will notify the mentee that their request has expired. If you leave it blank, requests will remain open indefinitely. 

Remind mentor after X days

4. Use the newly available Chronus Mobile!

Last but far from least, we are proud to announce a limited release of our new mobile experience! Available by request only (for now), we offer a seamless experience across multiple types of smartphones, with browser support for Androids and an app for iPhones. Mobile supportPlease contact to launch your mobile offering and start seeing maximum engagement.

Program participants can now find and connect with compatible matches, complete tasks, and communicate within the app--enabling productivity on the go. 

Read more about Chronus Mobile

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