New in September 2014: Program Management Dashboard

New: Program Management Dashboard

Have you noticed the new collection of reports on your home page? To better manage your program lifecycle, you will now see these reports when you log in. Quickly scroll to your program's current stage to see how things are going: Membership, Matching, or Engagement.

Home page dashboard


What you should know:

  1. You'll find a quick link to your Admin Messages under "Others".
  2. The Activity Feed is still quickly accessible--click the blue "Activity" button at the top.
  3. Hover over the "i" to see more information about the report!
  4. "Add New Report" lets you add any of your custom user views from All Users.
  5. The Program Management Dashboard tells you if any areas could use your attention: for example, are there a lot of active connections behind on their tasks? Set up an alert if you'd like to be notified when a report reaches a certain number (e.g., of the total membership requests accepted, only 5 have still not completed sign-up).
  6. Notice that reports may or may not pertain to your program design--there are reports specific to the invitation enrollment model, the membership form enrollment model, and the self-match model. You can hide any report you don't need by clicking the drop-down in the top right of the report and selecting "delete."
  7. Click on a number to go to the detailed report!

Coming soon

We're excited to let you know about a couple other big changes on the horizon:

Campaign Management

  • Campaign management will allow you to set up automated reminders for certain user views created in All Users. These notifications can be sent to mentees, mentors, or admins. For example: Schedule a fully-customized email to mentees who have been unconnected for 15 days, reminding them to send a mentor request.
  • Would you like a sneak preview of Campaign Management? Email or ask your Account Manager.

User interface improvements

  • Coming in November--a design overhaul that will attract your mentees and mentors with an easy-to-use, modern-looking interface.

Mobile browser support

  • Also coming in November--mobile-friendly browsing! Our new mobile experience utilizes the new modern design, allowing your users to match and engage on-the-go.
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    Ann Yakimovicz

    The demographic report looks for a field called "Location." We don't have Location and don't want to add it since we already have City and State. Could the report be revised to allow geographic data to be pulled from other related fields?

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