New Design Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce a look-and-feel redesign coming in February! Here's everything you need to know, plus a sneak peek.

New interface - Desktop view

The primary change from a visual standpoint, as you likely noticed in the screenshot above, is that the main navigation menu will shift to vertical orientation on the left side of the screen. You probably also noticed that the program name is displayed a bit differently and the logo sits in the navigation bar (yes, the Chronus logo in the screenshot will be replaced with your own program logo). But there's more!

This seamless new interface will responsively adjust to screen size, so whether you’re working on a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, Chronus will always look its best. What makes this responsive design so effective is that it detects the user’s screen size and determines what content to put front-and-center to maximize screen real estate. For example, on a larger screen, there is space to display the entire navigation menu, whereas on a mobile device, the menu is minimized. This means the mobile browser experience will be full-featured and easy-to-use for your end users.

Later in 2016 we’ll build iPhone and Android native apps for end users with this new full-featured interface.

To create an experience that will work equally well on all screen sizes, here’s what you can expect to change in regards to color themes and banners:

  • Color themes will be simplified. There will now be primary and secondary colors only. We will automatically optimize your color theme to these new simpler specifications. If you would like to preview your theme prior to the release, please notify your Customer Success Manager.
  • Banners will be displayed only prior to login. Banners are static images that don’t adjust to screen size. To ensure a great experience, banners will no longer be shown at the top of the logged-in experience. Your Program Name and logo will be displayed instead.
To whet your palette, here are some more images of the cool new interface:

Login page on a mobile device: 

Login page, mobile

The home page on a mobile device:

Mobile view - home page


If a user on a mobile device clicks the menu icon (the icon at the top left, which looks like three horizontal bars), the main navigation menu opens:

Mobile menu view

And finally, a comparison of the desktop vs. mobile view: the "Mentors" page, as seen by a mentee!

Desktop view: 

Mentors listing page - desktop


Mobile view of the same page (menus get auto-collapsed in order to shrink the screen to an appropriate size for viewing on a mobile device):

Mobile Mentors Listing

As a final note:

Updated end user guides will be provided in advance of the rollout so you can easily update the screenshots used in your Help Resources. We will also provide a notification blurb you can simply copy and paste to announce the change. It’s only a cosmetic change so there are no new workflows to learn. We'll reach out with specifics next month!

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